Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hey friends!

I still blog a ton but its cheating really J

Its on facebook…

Life is simple but moving fast…

Going to be a Grandmother soon!!!

Daughter graduates tomorrow…

One got his license…

It’s a sappy Saturday for sure but I am so blessed!


In the spirit of farming, family and faith,

HomemakerAng and Co.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

***UPDATE** I left out a very important part!!! Waiting for spring 2014 while the beat goes on...

My heart...

Be still...

I would never have imagined this past June while getting ready for a wedding for our precious daughter at our beautiful farm that so many changes would lie ahead in the same year...  Someone once said you cannot stop time and I have found this so true more recently.

In one years time we married a daughter off, sold our precious farm, gained a wonderful son, have a child graduating highschool while the next one will get his driver's lisence all while another turns a teenager...

and my heart beats on...

In the same year's time we will become grandparents, see our youngest learn to read, watch 2 grandparents go into nursing homes and have some important relationships restored.

God is good, time is not...  And this is where my heart is right this very moment...  I am reflecting on what is ending and excited for what is to come!  Just like spring...  It has been a long winter - I am ready for what is to come in more ways than one...

and my heart beats on...

We are slowly getting our bearings here at the homestead.  It is different for sure...  It seems to easy sometimes and I do not really like this yet... However, I am slowly getting used to it and learning even more what "living simply" really means...  I am trying to find my new purpose and asking God my true purpose...

I have received many kind emails from you asking why we sold the farm.  It is not real deep but in a way I guess it is.  We still are following God and it was really miraculous how it sold.  **We did not plan to sell the farm but we told God that if He wanted us to sell it we would because it was His anyways.  But, we asked Him to just about come down and practically tell us too :).  Well, you can figure out the rest...  After our 5 years of literal blood, sweat and many tears with some of the most precious times of our lives, God choose to reward us for our hard work is the best way I can say it.  It was not an easy decision but it was a good decision.  *** The really cool GOD aspect of this entire transaction is that we got to KEEP a part of Maple Valley Farm for us with some of the best of the buildings ***  I feel really blessed by this and feel it was another gift straight from God xo

and my heart beats on...

With change comes sadness and joy.  I am at both ends of the spectrum right now...  During Lent I have been deep in the word and reflecting and asking God what I need to purge, what I need to tweak and what I need to be open for.  Truly, "He is still driving this thing", I just need to be reminded of this on occassion...

There is a lot of "new" here... New chickens in the "new" chicken coop - a new puppy from the litter - daisies from a sweet and kindred new friend (thank you Lord) - new, "old" buildings to put to use...  (And a new studio in the making for me :)  yippee!!!!)

I am slowly embracing these changes so my heart can keep up with all of it and God is speaking to me in His still small voice,

"For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;

The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land;

The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell. Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away."

Song of Solomon 2 KJV

and my heart beats on...,


HomemakerAng and Co.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Did you watch the video????? If you want to see what we are up to the best bet is:

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I have plans to keep blogging, but I still need to find an easier way  :)  My phone is super duper easy to quick post


In the spirit of farming, family and faith,

HomemakerAng and Co.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thursday, October 17, 2013

5 year anniversary post... God's faithfulness, mercies and grace...

last night was our 5 year anniversary supper at the farm... We talked all day about so many precious memories and of God's grace and mercies and faithfulness to this family and all fo the thing we have learned t o g e t h e r... We could not have done this without all of us and with God drivin' it all xo 
I guess I am havin' a real and hard sentimental journey today coming up on our 5 year anniversary at Maple Valley Farm... I have been at tears much of the day... So very many people that have touched our lives in such tremendous ways that really will never know that you had a divine appointment to be with us at the exact times when we needed it more than you will ever know... You were just doing what you do and we were reaping the rewards of your obedience and you had no idea how special you are to us in ways you will never comprehend... To Frank at Lats, to Bruce "at the car lot", to the dear Doosenberys, to the G family with the painter mamma, to some friends that I have lost , to Rox, to the Dam Taxi Service, to a local tire place, to Mr. Welch, and a man named Carl, to Uncle Ken, to Art Prize after a very hard time for our family, to our precious baby that we lost, to the local EMS when dear Buddy was severely hurt, to the dear precious Laswell family- you were always there for us, and sweet Mrs. A, to The Weaver family, and The Beachy's and your team of horses, to The Perry's, and special aunts and uncles, to the stick it out with you family and friends, to Uncle Shane, and just way to many to list. Tears as I write for sure... So many special people that God put in our lives. I have learned so many lessons this last 5 years that we have lived here. I regret that I have been judgmental to others at times and I am sorry. Of all people, I should have known that we can never know what people might be going through at the very time they seem different, frustrated, mad or whatever. I hope that I can move forward from this 5 years with more grace, mercy, forgiveness and acceptance and love to others. I have made many mistakes. We love you all so very much. I love all of you so very much. Thank you for being a part of our lives on this journey we are on xo

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

family photo's above taken by Dan Johnson Custom photography

its our 5 year anniversary today at Maple Valley Farms!

God has been so gracious and merciful to this family of 9 xo

a great blog post coming tonight :)


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Have you picked up a copy of Romantic Country Magazine yet?

I spy with my little eye our humble rumble Maple Valley Farm all dressed up on a "twist-tie budget" (I coined this verbiage) for winter and Christmas...

Grab a copy at your local Barnes and Noble, Meijer, Books a Million, TSC and many more places...  Besides, there are many many great homes in this magazine (much more creative than mine) to inspire you for the holidays


HomemakerAng and Co.

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