Saturday, July 19, 2008

127.5 lb. cherry update from below...

some of the finished product

In case you are wondering what in the world we would do with 127.5 lbs. of fresh picked tart cherries... Well, it has taken me since Thursday to tell you because here are the stats...

127.5 lbs of tart cherries yields:

6 lbs. of fresh frozen cherries
6 lbs. of fresh cherry salsa
43 pints of canned cherry salsa
9 pints of canned cherry pancake syrup
11 pints of canned cherry almond butter
8 quarts of canned cherry pie filling
4 quarts of canned cherry salsa
97-103 cherry pits

I AM FINISHED! Thanks to the family for helping clean up the kitchen the last 2 days...

I will be taking a photo of the beauty of all these canned goods but at this moment the camera has pie filling stuck to the lens and my feet HURT!


Hope you have a wonderful Sunday

recipes coming...

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