Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eclectic Culture Farm old-fashioned laundry soap

Take some natural lavender essential oil... mix with Mule Team Borax, old-fashioned washing soda, baking soda, and old-fashioned soaps and what do you get?

BEAUTIFUL SMELLING, vintage feeling, antique blue Ball quart jar, Eclectic Culture Farm old-fashioned laundry soap, just like grandma used to make! Your farm clothes and aprons will smell clean as a whistle after using our laundry soap! This frugal laundry soap will do 28 loads of your stinkiest garden grubbies or those girlie unmentionables... That's only .30 cents a load farm girls!
Call 616-688-5187 for shipping and handling rates if you would like this item shipped to your farmhouse! Be checking at mercantile also for this and other farm goods to purchase... I promise the paypal mercantile will work real soon! If you cannot wait, call me for more details!

The photo below is a poor one of the laundry soaps as it was taken via camera phone as my "good camera" is in the hospital! The hospital called and said something about cherry sludge on the mechanism... I hope they can save my camera!

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a said...

Heoolllo ang! yum this sounds good! I'm going to order a jar soon ok? I love this sort of stuff* I wanna smell it:) looks like life is going good at the ECF! xo

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