Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hay for sale

Being cut and baled today!

Timothy/alfalfa hay

2nd cutting

square bales

$3- a bale

will trade hay for ??? You ask us, we can talk!



Peggy said...

oh how I wished we lived closer! We would buy it all. Hay is hard to get here. I have a neighbor down the road that sells me the big round bales (which I hate) for $50 and to everyone else $65. He doesn't know how long his will last and we don't have anywhere to store round bales so can only purchase 2 at a time. Sounds like your farm is going strong and keeping you busy!

cityfarmer said...

will trade for what?????
I'll be right trading...remember the old table called "Pit"?

I love your new "dress" and YOU inspired me to get one...stop over to see my kitchen cupboard makeover...


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