Sunday, July 13, 2008

pesticide free fried zucchini flowers from the farm!

Take zuke flowers, lightly wash and dry them... dip in a farm fresh egg or goats milk and roll in organic flour. Add some herbs to the flour mixture if desired... pan fry in olive oil or butter lightly... sprinkle with kosher salt and some fresh ground black pepper...
remove from pan when they are lightly browned and put on a plate with a napkin to absorb some of the oils... Eat hot and then wonder why you didn't make more!
I Only use fresh buds that have fallen off the plant ... They are delicious!


Anonymous said...

that looks delicious.

East Bremerton florist

Anonymous said...

Dear Angela, i found your blog!! When you shut down the old blog before your baby was born, I was so sad, I felt I lost a friend.So when I found you and your lovely family and new addition I was thrilled!THANKYOU so much for getting back on the blogosphere.

I see that you may be interested in bartering in the near future, I am defiantly interested in produce that can be sent to Wisconsin.I live in SE Wisconsin.I have some antiques and collectibles you and your children may like, such as vintage children's some vintage china, books, tablecloths,oh gosh, just let me know what you like!

Again, I am SO happy to "reconnect" with you, your husband and children, I really missed you all!I have a bad cold and feel crummy, so when I saw your new site, it made my day!Bless you and yours! Inga from Wisconsin

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