Friday, October 17, 2008

for some, this is the only home they have ever known...
they took this on their own... I was impressed they were not kissing the TV goodbye!



Wow! You are on the eve of a life changing adventure....Let me offer a quote from the movie "Never Cry Wolf.":
Rosie: We're all of us prospectors up here, eh, Tyler? Scratchin' for that... that one crack in the ground. Never have to scratch again. I'll let you in on a little secret, Tyler: the gold's not in the ground. The gold's not anywhere up here. The real gold is south of 60 - sittin' in livin' rooms, stuck facin' the boob tube, bored to death. Bored to death, Tyler.

Rosie: Take the stick... Aaaaaaah!
Tyler: What's wrong?
Rosie: Boredom, Tyler. Boredom - that's what's wrong. And how do you beat boredom, Tyler?... Adventure. Adventure, Tyler!"

Here is to your adventure sis!
Bro Jitters

Doreen said...

Wow...I feel for you having to deal with the emotions I'm sure they all went through..but in the end...this will be worth it for them..they will come to realize it eventually.


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