Friday, October 31, 2008

the laundry department

I cut the cord on my heavy duty iron and I set it on the woodstove to get it hot and iron the clothes... Here I am stirring the laundry... I use the mop bucket wringer for my wringer. I won't fib, I have gone to the laundry mat for large loads but dried the clothes on the line... I can get by longer if I do a few small loads a day...
lets just say living without that gasoline wash machine is GETTING OLD but I am not complaining :) too much


Farmgirl Cyn said...

"think' I could handle the laundry (maybe), but I think my hardest adjustment would be the outhouses. Even with a chamber pot in the bedroom for night time, I still think in the dead of winter it would be a LONG walk to that outhouse!

Gracie said...

hey, that's a good idea (for small loads!)

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

I was just wondering how you did laundry. Do you use handmade laundry soap or commercial?

Thanks again for sharing.


Anonymous said...

You definitely deserve an award in the laundry department. There have been times when life has been crazy here and I've not kept up on my laundry - those are the times when I'm tempted to load it all in the van and get myself to the nearest laundromat. There's just something appealing about doing ALL your laundry at one time and having everything be clean in the amount of time it takes to do one load at home.
If I actually had to do it all by hand-without even a motorized wringer, we'd probably become a nudist colony! :-D Not really, but I do have to admit that I would not have the stamina to do it the way you are-and especially not while pregnant!

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