Thursday, October 16, 2008

my new washing machine...

outhouse #1 cleaning day... The hat is just in case bats are out during the day :)... This will be one fear I must conquer like, today

I would love to redo our loo like this one... I have gotten lots of questions about the move so I will attempt to answer some of them here. Everyone has been real encouraging too! Bless you! We appreciate the encouragement.

Regarding the bathroom:
We have 2 outhouses. They are not pit outhouses but composting buckets and sawdust. You go and then you cover with wood shavings. When bucket is full you dump in a humanure type composting pit away from wells, the house and your other composting pile. This compost pit is different than your garden composting pit obviously. But you do have use able compost afterwards for other things if you so desire like perennials, etc. We have done lots of research on the "living-loo" and you can find more about that here, but I should warn you the book is full of a lots of crap :)! HA! I want to redecorate our outhouses to look similar to this other picture above. I have a sweet antique ironstone chamber pot with lid from the 1800's. This will come in handy during the wee hours.

Regarding showers and bathing:

We have a huge wash room in the back of the house with a well pump, drain, large cauldron to heat the water, etc. This is where the laundry will be done. We have additional water (cold water only in both of these areas) that runs to the kitchen from a holding tank high up in the barn (gravity fed to the house). To fill the holding tank we have to either hook up our 6 horse Honda type motor (like a lawn mower motor) under the windmill to pump that water to the tank or have the windmill head fixed (we are doing that) to run off wind power. The engine is gasoline powered and runs about 20 hours on 1 tank of unleaded gas. Either way, its a win win for us financially.

We will have to heat all water for baths at first. Don't worry, we will still be very clean people. I won't lie to you though, Sunday I checked the church locker room shower to see if the showers were use able :)... KIDDING.

We will eventually create a "Green" shower to heat water in a black tank outside and hook up a shower that will be gravity fed. We should be able to use that about 5 months out of the year (the warmer months) and then baths the other months. But for now we will heat the water on the wood stove or propane stove for baths. I want to redo a bedroom to make a bathroom set up and have a claw foot tub with a small hot water in the bathroom run by propane or wood eventually for the winter time baths/shower. In that room we will also have a composting toilet. Some of these "improvements" if you will, must wait until our other home sells. For now we are using the farm exactly how it has been used for 20+ years, the Amish way, and it works just fine! The Amish have been real helpful showing us the ropes, etc. They plan to help us get settled in once we arrive.

Again, I believe laundry will be the biggest challenge for this family of 7 and counting... I was graciously left a wash/rinse tub by the Amish. They did use a gasoline powered wringer washer which hooks up to that same motor I mentioned above. That is a goal of ours, quick like, as I believe that will be easier with the gasoline powered wash machine. I am used to hanging clothes on the line and by the wood stove currently. But for now, I will use the tub. I have a large wringer from my industrial mop bucket.

Regarding "THE BOOK":
Oh yes, I will be writing a book! In fact, I have started documenting the journey already and have lots of neat things to tell you about the initial stages of this decision with more of the story on the printed page... Stay tuned...



catfishm said...

OMG!!!!!!! I am so excited for you guys! I really admire you! Have fun, and I will talk to you soon! Susanne

Peggy said...

okay, rent me the cottage and a little piece of ground for Diva and the girls and I will quit drooling over my keyboard. I am so excited and happy for you!!! And yes, jealous too.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Yes, yes, and yes! I KNOW you know this will not be a walk in the park...but I know you and M will be up for it. I think the most difficult part for me might be the outhouse. I am up several times in the the pee pot in the bedroom would be a must!

Renata said...

Hi, I stumbled across your blog somehow & I just want you to know how great I think it is that you are doing this - what an adventure! Although life will be busy, it will be a wholesome busyness! Looking forward to following your adventure more!

Anonymous said...

I just came back to this post to show my six-year old your outhouse and re-read the post as well. I had commented on another post about the possibility of getting a claw-foot tub and now I realize that you had already posted about it and I had just failed to read it yet. Sorry :-}
I do think that a bathroom is really the only thing I wouldn't want to live without. Notice that I said wouldn't and not couldn't-because obviously you're doing it just fine and while you may want a bathroom, you will continue to get by without one as long as necessary. My dh has long been interested in the composting toilets-I think that if we ever manage to get outside of the city limits (*where you own property but it certainly is not your own to do with as you please)then we may go for the composting toilet too.
I'm so thoroughly enjoying your blog and will definitely be up for your book. I pray that you will be blessed in the journey-

Grace said...

This sounds fantastic...I'm going to start from the beginning and read all the way through your last two and a bit years!!! I try to live modestly and stuff, but what wouldn't I do for land like yours!!! :D

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