Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October 21, 2008

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We are slowly getting settled in. I have to tell you, going without electricity has been easy. SERIOUSLY! We have the lanterns for lights, and it really has not been a huge change. I really just wonder, “why we have not done this sooner?” We just do up the dishes immediately and always have a hot kettle of water for dishes and other things.

Like I thought, the laundry has been a challenge. That gasoline powered washer will be purchased quick like :) The clothes line is no biggey for me as I have used it already. We are installing an 8 foot inside retractable clothes line by the wood stove today, but we are currently using a drying rack(s) by the stove and it has been ok… Its only been 3 days and I have done 2 loads of laundry daily just to keep up.

The bathing has been fine also. I will post a photo of the bathtub soon.
Refrigeration would have seemed to be a large issue but this time of year it has not been. We have an uninsulated pantry and I have stored lots of food out there to keep it cool as it never seems to go above 50 degrees. Obviously I cannot put frozen stuff out there but we didn’t bring any of that here yet. We will do that in the next few days and I had been winding our freezer down for this reason. I will have to can those tomatoes now! We eat fairly fresh anyways so it has not been a problem. Summer would have been a different story. We will have the ice house set up when our pond freezes and we cut ice.

We have seen occasional amish buggies going to and for by our home and its neat to see them. While outside you first hear the clippity clopping and then we look and sure enough, It’s a buggy. The amish are going back and forth to a feed mill and small dry good store down the road. We can also purchase from these stores. Their pricing if VERY economical, cheaper than things we buy now and it makes sense to obviously support the locals as it would be 10+ miles to the nearest big grocery store. We have always been advocates for shopping local and I encourage you to be also!

We plan on going to town once week for library (wi-fi and books :) and then larger shopping and so forth. I will try to plan our Dr/dentist appts on that day also. It seems to be a great way to get things done and saves on gas money, etc. When we have a planned day to go away the other days we get our work done around here as we know “the day” is coming to go and have fun. I will make an easy supper that evening or maybe even bring home pizza or something.

Sunday will also be our day out for church and so forth, and I always take a big fat nap on Sundays! I take the day of rest on the Sabbath pretty seriously. NOT for religious reasons, but think about it, GOD mandated an actual “day off” from work, so I am taking Him up on it! :) It is nice to know there is one day to really not have to lift a finger. It makes the other 6 days of the week seem less laborious.

Things we need to get done today:
A compost pit started for kitchen leftovers etc.
A burn barrel area for trash and get a fire going
Hang the retractable clothes line in the kitchen
Bolt 2 dressers to the wall for safety with toddlers…
Fence in the chickens and turkeys better. I like the free range idea but the other day one chicken was on the front porch and when I opened the door she almost came in! Not my idea of free range!

On another note, we still have lots to do at the other place yet. We have lots of odds and ends to move here. I haven’t needed these things yet though so it makes me wonder do I really even need them?

The goats and calf are doing great. They seem so happy! Lots of open grassy areas for them! I looked and they were all running together, CUTE! The other bird passed away this AM. I don't think she could live without her mate and I am sure she couldn't handle going without electric also...

The day starts out like this:
Someone goes and starts the pump to the windmill. Water is already on the stove from the night before and we turn in on to start boiling it for baths and a separate pot for coffee. Make breakfast, kids do animal chores, get hubby off to work and remind him to take sleep mask battery to charge it, etc. Devotions, clean up breakfast, inside jobs and then we will do school (although we have not started that yet as this week we have off to get settled in BUT we have learned MUCH more than a stinking text book could teach us anyway :)). Then the afternoon will be more leisurely but some outside jobs will be done and then supper started. Obviously there is more to it, but I have been asked how a typical day goes around here. The schedule is always being tweaked to make the most of it but we do not make it a ball and chain so it buries us. But, a schedule is good because you only do what is on the list that day and when your work on the list is finished, your jobs are done. I find that freeing…

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Peggy said...

Ang, I love reading about your new adventure! What a blessing for you and your family to live the simple life. We are working on getting off grid just wish it would happen sooner. Would love for it to be on a place like yours. Hugs my friend and can't wait for the next installment!!

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