Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October 22, 2008

Today was productive! Back end of house swept, outhouses redone (that means we shoveled the uck), compost buried a full cord of wood stacked, wood brought into house, front porch cleaned up and more!

Went to Hershberger's Staples Store and bought lots of staples, price very reasonable. Peanutbutter only $1.45. Made no bake chc pnbt cashew cookies (milked the goat for the milk in the cookies) and making tuna patties (onion, cream cheese, corn meal egg fried and place in squash) for supper in 7 buttercup squash. And fresh well water. All supplies came from Herschbergers store.

We cooked the squash right on the wood stove in a canner today and it seems fine.

It was a quiet day. Matt came home 445 to continue to fix the well (it has been leaking)
Put up a sign for wash machine and pioneermaid cookstove on mill board. We subscribed to the Milk News today. It is an amish news of things for sale and goes around to each farm and the milk truck drops the news to us. Only $8.10 a year! Checked the board for weaners at micelles farm but she will not be home until after 6 pm tomorrow eve. Hoping to get a mom and dad pig to have our own. Just found a pregnant sow in the milk news for only $100, we will check it out!

Found things for compost pit but will install tomorrow. Read all about Sacajawea to Ruthie today and babe and all kids played in large maple leave piles. The best thing about today is I have read lots in my The Encyclopedia of Country Living Book. (GET THAT BOOK TODAY!) I could never have done this move without my Bible and my trusty Encyclopedia of Country Living Book. I could live foerver if these were the only 2 books I ever read again!

Did I tell you it is SO PEACEFUL HERE? I have been playing my auto harp and reading to the kids so much and loosing track of time! More official school back on next week but I dare see we are learning much more now than from a stack of books could ever tell us... Didn't I already write that?

Leaving off on 10-22. I am not sure I want to come back to society and the pressures. People are just more laid back up here for sure! I love the feeling that I do not have to fix everything right now. Some people may not understand this. There is a feeling of great dread when I think of returning to the old. I do not neccesarily care what people may think, but for some reason I do feel an inner pressure to perform as I already had. I never felt though that this what I did previously was an act before but I just now realize that I do not have the drive to be that any longer. I feel comfortable in my own skin, my own life, who I am. I am not sure if this comes with age or experience or my walk with God, but I feel as if it is a marriage of all 3 properties. I have a long way to come but I sure am happy where God is taking me...

People just seem to do what they want to do here. For example a guy just opened a small fur shop to create deer skin leather gloves and I think its neat he did not have to ask the township #1 to do it, and #2 to put a sign up… all those rules are really just for the birds… His deer skin glove sign doesn’t bother me in the least, rather I think it neat someone is pursuing a dream even as small as it may be.

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Renata said...

Thanks for sharing this adventure with us. I am enjoying reading it so much. I love that Carla Emery book - my mum gave me the copy she had bought when she was in her early 20's, so it's a few additions behind yours, but so interesting.

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