Thursday, October 23, 2008

October 22 continued and October 23, 2008

girl's "new bedroom" 2nd harvest organic raspberries

Oct 22 (some of this may be repeating some details but read on)

Today the well was acting up. It started after 3 pm after a trip with the children to Herschberger's Staples Store. V's store is a small staples store on her 3 season front porch. Everything from mason jar lids in bulk, to organic hand cleaner, cocoa and cereal. Basically everything for baking, etc I bought peanut butter for $1.45 and found that a great deal especially while only about a mile away. She is an amish woman in her late 20’s early 30’s I believe with 4 children.

She remembered me when we came and inquired about windmill parts with her husband before we bought our farm. She seemed to know quite a big about me. One amish lady once had told me the amish grape vine is the quickest thing around and I am starting to believe her. Anyways, she wondered how it was going w/o electricity and mentioned she had seen our lanterns at night as she took the buggy by. I told her it was going much better than I thought and that I liked it. She said “well see how long it will last”. I bet we are the talk of the amish right now. That’s ok… I think they think we are just pretending. Although I do say this w/o pride or haughtiness but I will say she does not know the resolve I have as well as Matt to see this through. We are enjoying this journey and God is driving this thing!

We came home and whipped up some no bake choc. Pnbt. Cashew with goats milk cookies. We realized we were out of milk so we had to (the kids) quickly go and milk the goat. Back to the well. It started that the pressure was down when returning to put groceries away and I noticed it was harder to wash my hands. Mind you, I had 2 meals of dishes to do yet! I bypassed the well problem to get supper started. I had wanted to make buttercup squash in the oven but I had not used my 1920ish magic chef oven alone yet and I was to nervous to light it. I thought, let me try the top of the woodstove for giggles. Well long story short, in my water bath canner with a small amount of water I cooked 7 squash in about a hour. Then I thought, I can make apple cobbler the same way! So the kids went and milked the goat and picked about 12 mac apples off of our very own trees. I took a 9x13 and set it on a small rack and put our raw honey, fresh goats milk, organic oat meal and cut up apples on the stove and mixed well and covered the dish. In about 45 minutes this was also finished. I was impressed! I really didn't need a gas oven anyway it seems!

I took tuna patties and fried them on top of the magic chef stove and boy the meal was great! The kids woofed the entire meal down and I kept matt a plate of the goodies on top of the wood stove until he would come in. remember I still do not have water at this point and the dishes are really adding up… after 630, then 730 the one lantern ran out of white fuel so I am down to 1 oil lamp and a candle on the inside. , I AM GETTING ORNERY,... Then 830… 930 and finally 1030 I told matt just to come in and eat his dinner as it was becoming 1 with the plate on the wood stove… He finally came in and told me he would have to get parts after work the next morning as well as lantern fuel. Fortunately I had saved 1 large kettle of clean water for bathing, etc.

We slept very good that night.

October 23, 2008
Today was a sunny and warmer day. We looked forward to doing some errands today and I wont fib to you that I took 3 loads of laundry to the laundry mat to be washed but dried on the line at home. When we got all the way to town I realized I had left my large shop list at home… I was getting frustrated but then I stopped at the local library to get my new card and boot up my lap top. I booted the laptop up and it just kept looping around and around! Ugh! More frustration. Then when I returned home I realized I had only picked up 4 c size batteries rather than the 6 c size I needed for my bush radio and now I would have to wait longer for news and radio. Oh well, I will learn to remember better and It was a great day anyway.

I should go, I hear that water to the windmill running! Dinner tonight will be beef and potatoes… cooked on top of the woodstove of course!


Gracie said...

I love the girls room, so beautiful!
We are excited to come visit sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

I've been tracking your blog for a while but hadn't had time until today to really sit down and read your posts. My dh and I would love to live on a farm, but I have to say that you are a much stronger woman than I because I definitely want electricity! :-)
I think your girls room turned out nicely-we have been re-doing our little girls room for almost a year now and still need to buy beds for them. (They're sharing a queen sized futon for now) I like the beds you have-simple and feminine.

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