Saturday, October 25, 2008

October 25, 2008

Ok… some frustration and stress seems to be mounting. The windmill was working and suddenly another part needed to be repaired. I do not understand most of this windmill stuff but I do understand while it does not work I do not have running water :) so, what more do I really need to understand. Fortunately we have 3 more wells. 1 was just dug a few years back. If worse comes to well, you know, I guess we will have use that well next! I have been trying to encourage my husband as he has been fixing it every night when he gets home from work and all. He seems to be getting frustrated but the most frustration about the windmill happened this morning. Yesterday he went all over town looking for part for a 1920 windmill and he finally found them. This morning he ran to get one more thing and I asked the kids to clean out the van for me and bring things to the burn barrel. They obediently brought all the trash to the burn barrel and burned it…

When my husband came home we started to try to do the windmill repairs and he started to look for the parts in the van to the windmill we had bought the day before… well, he could not find them… they were apparently in the burn barrel…

It has been raining which makes it much harder to crawl into the windmill pit also. Freezing rain in fact today.

Some of our basic needs real quick to make life simpler around here:
Carhartt coats and pants
1 warm pair of pjs for each child
All white tube socks to be able to bleach and all kids can wear them or all black socks so they do not show dirt!
1 good pair of work boots for each child

I realize why the amish do not have 5 different pairs of shoes and numerous fashion changes. It makes life much easier not to have all the extras! When we go to town, I promise you we won't look like total morons but at home we just might!

The kid should wear the overalls while outside and hang them on a hook in the back hallway when not in use.

Have a good coat for outings but work coat for outside, etc.

1 pair of pjs to be washed every few days.

The socks all matching would alleviate the problem of whose socks are whose etc…

Yesterday went to visit Dorothea Jorgensen Comden and saw photos of Agnes. This is a local author who wrote all about the area right around our farm from the late 1800's. These books put the Little House Series to shame so far! I am not kidding you! I will post a link to them soon so you can order them.

We went to an amish store and found a water purifier and looked at wood cookstoves also.

Ate at the local café for all you can eat shrimp. It was good but the turned gross quickly.

Part of the frustration, I need to get in the Word more… in all the business, I have not read my Bible…

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Angelena said...

I will be looking forward to that link. I love that you are blogging about your life and find it so interesting.

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