Friday, October 31, 2008

October 30, 2008

I took a hot bath in a very large plastic tub, you know, the one you store the Christmas decor in... Yuhp, that one, the BIG ONE! I heated 2 water bath canners of the water on the woodstove and poured these in the tub with about 2 water bath canners of cold water. It was very pleasant! I took the bath in the dark with a gas lamp right in front of the woodstove late tonight...

I am waiting for some big epiphany here like, "WOW we should never have done this" but I am finding it really has not been an adjustment... I know its because GOD is driving this thing...


Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

When you know its God, its always good and pure and perfect.

I so enjoy reading about your journey.


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Happy Birthday Baby! Oh my GOODNESS!

I can just imagine the joy of the hot bath! My nightly routine -so I find them rather sacred - reminds me of the scene in "Sweet Land" - now that you have your own Sweet Land I imagine there won't be much movie viewing but anyways - reminded me of that stolen hot bath in the farmhouse.
While walking thru the neighborhood with our whole troop yesterday I thought of you and the silence you were experiencing.

Oh the angst of being half city/half country - Parisienne Farmgirl.

My latest dream is a lavender farm. Doesn't that sound romantic?

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, but couldn't you look at getting an old claw foot tub? Would there be room for it in the laundry/mud room? Then you could fill it instead of the plastic tub-you'd only have to run a drainage pipe for it.
I'm sure you've probably already considered this, so really, I'm just thinking out loud.
Would you be able to use the "green" shower in the winter?

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