Saturday, October 18, 2008

October 18, 2008 the first night

I am not a writer but wanted to tell you my thoughts in this journal like style... Start here and move up the screen for the story...
We started moving on Friday October 17, 2008. We packed the truck with the biggest items and left some other furniture to stage the house we were leaving behind.

We moved in and slept our first night on m rd. on Baby's 1st birthday. With much help from P and the gentle giant, my hubby, we got pretty settled in. We moved large items as we had help, some clothes and necessities. This would be one load of many to come. Matt threw his knee out pretty good. We are getting older to move all this. It seems older anyways from when we moved some of our earlier homes. We look back and this was the coolest move we had ever made. Most moves seemed to be on the hottest days of the year and a few good friends of ours that helped can attest to that!

We loaded George and Sylvie and Isabelle the goat into the horse trailer , the cat with the birds in a cage and the dog in the cab of the truck. The chickens had already made the journey about a week before as well as the turkeys.

The animals made the journey well but we did loose one bird immediately upon arriving, the parakeet flew out of the cage and never returned. I am fairly certain he could not stand the thought of living without electricity...

Once we started setting up house things already seemed homey and cozy. I was glad the week before I could wash all of the hardwood floors and dust so we could move in to a fairly clean house. We put all of our books in the guest bedroom as we need to make shelves. We have lots of books, I have about 4 times as many that have to be moved yet.

We got fairly set up, the bedding on beds and beds in bedrooms and set up were a top priority so the children could find their nest and feel at home in the new surroundings. Ruthie seems most affected by the move as this home she is moving from is the only home she has ever known as she has lived there from 18 months on. We were sensitive to this and tried to have some extra love (and much patience :) dealing with this little sweetheart.

After unloading the trucks Matt had to drive p back to the shop so the kids and I had chicken noodle soup in mason jars as we had not brought the bowls load here yet. The hot soup seemed so soothing as the house was fairly cold with no heat in it. It was interesting getting noodles out of the bottom of the tall jars when the broth was gone. Yes, I forgot the silverware load also. We will always remember our first night drinking this hot soup for the tall jars.

We could hear the dog barking beneath our feet during the soup time. We found that rather odd. Especially when we could hear the cat snarl and growl. The cat had found a way under the 2 ft crawl space under the kitchen and so the dog followed as well, now 25 feet into the crawl space, under our feet (I told you this house was nothing like our other one right :) ) We knew we would have to get both of these animals out of there or we would not be able to sleep that night. It was already after 9 pm and we were all very tired (mom getting a touch ornery) and it took quite a bit of convincing to get the dog out of there. We did finally, after about 15 minutes, get the dog out of the crawl space and the cat eventually followed her.

It was cold in the house! We all had winter coats on and we sat on the makeshift couches under down comforters and talked. We were getting closer as a family already.

We froze to death almost with no heat and at 400 am matt got up to light old woodstove and it worked fairly well. We will hook up the other wood stove coming up. Thank God for the stove that was here, it made everything feel more homey.

I didn’t sleep real well, I kept waking up to see where I was...

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a said...

wow ang! amazing stuff! if this is what feels right for you and your family keep it up, I'm mesmorized by it all and will be looking for the updates! xo

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