Monday, October 6, 2008

we interupt your scheduled day to say

THAT we will be canning applesaucer (my daughter's interpretation of the word) and tomato sauce ALL DAY! I WILL have plenty of photos and all to show later as I am currently setting up the garage for a huge canning bee!


Kim said...

Can't wait. I will be doing apples also pretty soon hee. Not quite sure what I'll do with them yet. Looking forward to the new post. Have fun.

lindanuts said...

we also juice apples and pears. we have an electric juicer. we process it thru then filter it through cheesecloth several times. we save half gallon milk jugs and use them to freeze juice for winter. if you don't care to filter, it will be cloudy. let the apples get very ripe and you can make cider. mix the pears with the apples--mmmm--really good.

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