Tuesday, October 7, 2008

yesterday's canning bee! applesaucer!

The bee went great but slow... I love the new pressure cooker. I can can 14 quarts at once! My water bath canner could just do 7-8 quarts at a time. I am loving the new cooker. I was a little nervous using it so yesterday did seem to take more time, but there is a first time for everything. I originally purchased the pressure canner for canning meat and vegetables as required for safe canning, but you can use the pressure canner for fruit too and I was itching to try it.

We canned 14 quarts of apple sauce and had about 5 quarts left over and those 5 are gone. The great thing, all 14 done at once. I just used the last cup on my morning mush and fed some to the little babe, but have 14 pretty quarts on the shelves. We still have lots of apples left to put in the root cellar or make into cider.

The applesaucer was a mix of 100% organic Macintosh (one of my favorites), Red Delicious (my least favorite apple) and Golden Delicious apples. Did I mention they are from our own orchard? We have about 7 very established apple trees on the property, as well as, 3 well established pear trees, a wonderful grape arbor and tons of established raspberries! We have a nice chestnut tree too.

I will admit the hardest part was washing all the apples and cutting them up. I then put everything but the core in a large stock pot and cook down the apples. When the apples are cooked down I transfer them to a food mill and turn the apples to a mush substance. I then store all of the finished applesaucer in a warn and lightly greased large roaster oven as I wait to put all the hot applesaucer in jars to can at once. We feed all the seeds and skins to the chickens and goats, as well as the cores of the apples! They love it!

Oh, about those tomatoes... I never took them out of the freezer so they did not get canned. But, after the day yesterday I am glad to say that I did not attempt those also. I am still planning to can tomatoes, beets, carrots, and venison (when a deer is harvested) in the next few days... pictures coming!

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lindanuts said...

Applesauce---peel, core and chop apples.
fill crockpot to top.
add 1 cup sugar and 1 T. cinnamon.
turn on low for 12 hours.
spoon into jars.
put on seals and rings.
turn upside down on dishtowel until cool.
I have never had a jar not seal.
Applebutter----increase sugar to 4 cups and cinnamon to 2-3 T.
Apple dumplings---hollow out core, then peel
use square pie dough--set apple in center. fill core with butter pat, sugar and cinnamon.
bring dough up around apple and pinch to seal. wrap in freezer wrap.
when ready to eat-bake at 350' until apple softens and crust is golden. serve with ice c ream or vanilla syrup.
we, too, are having our apple time!
always looking to save time and work---and use those apples up!

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