Saturday, November 15, 2008

Die Botschaft

The "Die Botschaft" is a weekly newspaper serving old Amish communities everywhere. I wanted to include a small article from it here as I thought you might find it interesting

We had around 2 inches rain from Saturday morning till Sunday then it turned to snow but snow was melted again by Sunday evening, but had enough snow again during the night to make the ground white. Wind is from the west and was at 29' this morning.

People are still busy with fall work. Some are husking corn while others are working on buildings. The corn price is up and hay is down this year due to the abundance.

Jesse W. is building an addition to their house. I understand it is to be 2 bedrooms. The old bedrooms are to be added to the living room. Uri G. is also laying blocks for a new wash house.

The 15 day deer season ended on Saturday but they added more days for doe season to help get the population down. It was reported that in 1995 there were 62,000 car-deer accidents in this state. At an estimated $2,000 per vehicle damage. This runs in to a lot of money not to mention all the damages they do to farmer's crops.

Bud D. who was battling cancer this summer passed away on Friday morning. He lived ½ mile east of here, across the road from The Millers (Ang here this is our farm are referring too.) This article was written from our area In Michigan but taken from the 1996 newspaper.

And here are a few more letters I took excerpts (all different) from I found interesting: Names changed…
Grandpa Crist Weaver helped Johnny bring God's word. Grandpa had Peter 3rd chapter. One thing they brought out was obedience is better than sacrifice.

The Inhofe's had company. We were there and baby Leonard was as busy as ever… He went and pulled the doily off the sewing machine which brought 3 or 4 plants along down. Such a fun mess with him but I was not too pleased…

Around 630 last evening ts car drove in at Simon's. Susan Yoder came running in all shook up saying they had a wreck at the crossroads of 27 and State Rd. They were crossing 27 and failed to see the ca coming. It hit the left front wheel going under the buggy tipping it over. The boy and they were unhurt except just minor bumps and bruises. The horse was hurt bad enough that they had to kill him and the buggy running gear is damaged very badly.

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Renata said...

That certainly is interesting. Sounds like a cross between a church bulletin & our community page of the district newspaper. Thanks for sharing.

Beehind Thyme said...

Love It!!! Please bring us more! The way of life seems so uncomplicated... how pleasant that would be.

Thank you for sharing... Blessings, Pamela

Rhonda Jean said...

It's my first visit here and I've just spend some time looking at older posts. Thank you for sharing your life. It's a sweet blog full of the practical tings of farm life and families. I'll be back.

Pink Slippers said...

I enjoy reading your posts. Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading these--it sounds like a very close community.

Anonymous said...

We go to an Amish restaurant that's about an hour away from us and they sell The Budget there-I always enjoy getting it and reading the "articles". It's more like a round-robin letter than a newspaper but lot's of fun to read.
It must be interesting to live in one of their communities. :-)

Sheri said...

Thanks! Very interesting! I work for a mail-order catalog company that was founded by an Amish man. The catalog is fascinating. It's called Shetler's Wholesale Co. and you can request a free catalog of general variety merchandise by writing PO Box 8, Geneva, IN 46740 or faxing 260.368.9902.

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