Thursday, November 20, 2008

a few of my favorite moments from the last week... and reason #1 and #2

my new banner photo above I love too! Whenever my children come to the door from outside play and knock I do not open the door and always say, "Yes, may I help you" (like I do not know who they are :)) So this time was extra fun with the lanterns and the chicken! I said to her, "The Inn is full this evening!" chubby hands on a homemade swing!
So here I am, all excited to update you on some neat experiences I have had lately. All cozied up in a coffee shop with my cream cheese coffee cake (non-organic), decaf Guatemalan coffee and a few other bad things I shouldn't be eating. I reach into my computer bag and realize my camera cord is AT HOME! HANG WITH ME I WILL SHOW YOU THESE MOVIES AND PHOTOS! So I cannot update the photos of the Amish movies and all! SORRY! We had a few Amish visitors the past few days... I have some neat photos. I must say it is pretty weird to be sitting at your kitchen table and seeing 2 Belgian horses pull in pulling a buck board wagon like no body's business. Then an Amish young man hooking up to our hitching post. Its pretty surreal to think we are actually living in this community in the year 2008! I love every minute of it!
I have tried to put it in to words just a bit why we choose to live off grid. I know I really have not answered the questions adequately at all. I will begin today to answer and it will most likely take until the day I pass to explain why... But for here and out, I will be attempting to do so. The Gentle Giant, my husband, will be enlightening all of us too!

I am not great at putting my thoughts and passions into words at times. I was reading another blog the other day and she said it best for 1 of the 1,000,000 our family has chosen to live off grid. I told you previously we did not choose living off grid to save money, although this is a HUGE BENEFIT... But here is reason #1 we choose to live off grid... Stay tuned for reason #'s 2-1,000,000. Thank you Rhonda Jean!

Update a while later in day:
Here Rhonda says it best too! SO here is my reason #2 I had these same struggles from about age 21 and on that she speaks about at an older age. I am so glad I "found my life" with the Lord's leading at the ripe old age of 37 :)... Here's to the rest of my life!


Rhonda Jean said...

Hi Ang! I love that you linked to me. Thank you. I laughed out loud when I read your opening paragraph. I used to do that when my children where small but I never added your master stroke of the chicken and lamps and "the inn is full". Brilliant!

I found you via the Antes blog. I've been reading there for a little while and followed your link back after you left a comment there. I'm really pleased I did that. :- ) I look forward to visiting you over the coming months.

BTW, another blog I'm sure you'll love is Eyes of Wonder, written by my good friend Jewels.

Anonymous said...

I guess I should have read this post first-I just left a comment about the new banner photo on your other post.
As for your reasons for wanting to live off grid, I guess it never occurred to me to ask. I know that many people will find it unusual, but surely most people can see the freedom that you have gained-right?
I think it's great that you and your family are able to do this-honestly, I think that if they would allow us to get away with it here in the city, we'd try it as well. How nice it would be to not be dependent on the city for our water, or the electric company for our power-not to mention the financial savings.
Since I cannot do this myself (at least not now) I'm living vicariously through your blog-thanks! :-D

thatlady32 said...

Rhonda Jean's blog explained the answer I was looking for. I asked you earlier to enlighten your "living on grid" readers what the benefit was to living so radically different from everyday Americans . . . I can see a peaceful, stressless life, away from people and the problems they cause (I know, I work in HR!), being free to be creative, it would be nice. It is a very different way to live, and I am not judging you or your family nor give you my approval - because you don't need it. God's blessing to you!

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