Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hello! greetings from a very cold Michigan. It seems to have gone from indian summer right to winter. Although, just light dusting of snow here, the temps are under 30 now. I can keep everything very cold now and that is nice. 2 deer to pressure can in the next week too! I am hoping to get atleast 40+ quarts of meat for our family in the pressure canner.

a couple things real quick. tomorrow i should be uploading lots of photos as i will have more time. and more updates! some great movies too... Forgive all my grammar and spelling errors. you should see what it is like trying to keep my thoughts together with a sweet drooling 13 month old :) running all around and pulling cords. I am doing the best I can.

I have tried to answer some of your questions under posts where you have asked them. Thank you for your interest.

I am getting my Thanksgiving stuff together and looking forward to getting my Johnson Brothers Friendly Village dishes out for the holidays, starting with Thanksgiving. This will be a memorable Thanksgiving here for our first. But it looks like just a few extra guests, but that is ok too...

We purchased a french press for our amish friends and they just love the novelty of it! Its neat to see what excites them.

Until tomorrow!



Peggy said...

Can't wait!!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

AAGGHH! I am missing you.
I also have Johnson Bros. Friendly Village! I "inherited" it when my mom died 9 years ago. My sis wanted it too. I told her she could have it if she was willing to host all of the holidays from that point on. Yup...I own the dishes. Thank God, as she passed away very unexpectedly 6 years ago!
Our Thanksgiving table will be shy some folks this year also. Giselle and Jon are in Montana, Krystal is, well, you know where...but the rest of the gang will be here, as well as another couple who have no family in the area. I am looking forward to it. Maybe see you Sunday/ And how's about a phone call? Is that possible?
Have you checked you're e-mail? I sent you something by Andrew Strom a couple of days ago that is really good.

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