Monday, November 3, 2008

in the presence of...

November 3, 2008

It was a fairly mild day today. I will take these beautiful Indian Summer days anytime! The evening was chillier. I am getting braver and braver to walk alone to the outhouse in the dark :) Tonight, I guess I was maybe getting to proud of the fact I was less scared. I threw on my wellies and strutted my stuff to the outhouse, without a flash light or lantern… As I left the “safety” of the back of the house into the darkness, I could feel the presence of something(S)… I heard lots of rustling and breathing… I quickly turned myself around and made a run for the house… Mind you, its only about 9 feet, but I made a run for it!

I went inside asking for a flashlight and someone to quick come with me (I wasn’t going to do this alone!) Wwe shone the flash light out and there, just 2 feet from the outhouse was the goat, the baby goat and the cow eating the leaves away! I am just glad they did not spend the entire night loose. They had escaped from the barn after they were just put in for the evening. Each night we haul them back in and I guess they were not ready for that yet… I seriously think it may have been to do with the time change. Animals sure can be creatures of habit to ya know… More than I thought.

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Gracie said...

oh, that is brave! I would have to work up the courage to walk away from the house in the dark too!

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