Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ode to the Clevenger Brothers...

Three Turkeys

On the night before Thanksgiving

When I had gone to bed

I heard three turkey gobblers

And this is what they said.

The first turkey said I think I'll find a tree

And hide up in the branchesWhere no one will see.

The second turkey said I think that I will go

And hide behind the haystack

Where no one will know

The third turkey said I think it would be fun

To hide the farmer's hatchet

And run, run, run, run.

Then on Thanksgiving morning

When the farmer came around

Those three turkey gobblers

were nowhere to be found!

Author Unknown


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Any chance of getting a photo of the Clevenger Bros? I'd like to see the one that got away! (but not for long!!)

Rogue said...

beautiful pics, and poem. I love your blog.. found you via hot belly momma, and am now a Daily reader and fan! I have linked to you!
peace, and enjoy the journey!

Anonymous said...

Really cute and cleaver poem. It gives a vivid picture of what might be happening at your house soon. :-)

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