Monday, November 24, 2008

You would be surprised with what you can live without… and reason #3...

Things have been very uneventful here. We did move another HUGE load of things here from the other place to get it out of our house sitters way. He was (is) getting a little miffed about the boxes all over… Hi "P"… J So now my clean house is back to unpacking a bunch of stuff and I have quite a bit of clutter here but the other place is clean!

I have learned so much in such a short time living off grid. I have much more to learn and I am so excited to imagine what I will have gleaned when I am sitting here in a year. Hmmm…

So many things we grow up with, we just cannot imagine living without… I realize most, if not all, of my children will not have the luxury (if you will, with all the strict building codes, etc.) to live off-grid or will simply choose not to live off grid as their choice. I am ok with all of that. I am happy though that they will know when they get older and live on their own, they will(HERE COMES REASON #3) be able to see that you can live without a lot… I believe this will make them stronger adults. When tough times come their way, they will realize most things are just extra and luxurious. In this struggling economy, who knows what is coming down the pipes.

Today I wondered, even living off-grid, now what could I do without??? I came up with this list:

  • We could ditch the motor for the windmill and put a hand pump on the top (we have one setting idle) and do away with the use of gasoline.
  • We could do away with the gas lanterns and stick with oil lamps or ditch those and only use handmade candles from the tallow of the animals we process.
  • We could do away with the grocery store pretty much 100% and live fully off this land. I am spoiled that I can still go to the grocery store
  • We could get rid of one of our cars and nix that gasoline bill completely and I would have to wait to do errands until the gentle giant came home at night.
  • I could do all laundry by hand and make the laundry soap with the tallow from the animals instead of even making my own budget laundry detergent that I currently create from store bought things.
  • There are just a few things… Life would become very hard without those things above I think. I could do it though... I think I actually have it pretty easy now J

What could you live without?


Renata said...

I do often wonder what we could really live without. We've grown up with so much excess, we're just used to it. Enjoying reading your posts.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I think one of the hardest things to live w/o for me would be the indoor toilet. The fridge in the summer would also be quite a change.
I know there is a LOT I COULD live w/o....TV, vacuum, computer, washer and dryer, 2nd car, etc.
I have said this before...if I were your age (and Farmboy was willing) I think I could do what you are doing.

Homemaker Ang said...

cyn, i will agree with you that the out house is COLD! :)The ice house will be amazing and just like a fridge. they do have propane refrig/freezers, but that kind of defeats the purpose but we could get one if we wanted... not yet :) i will try the ice house first.

Homemaker Ang said...
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Robyn said...

I would love to see plans or links about how you're going to build your ice house.

Preserving meat without a freezer is something I"m currently trying to learn . . .

Homemaker Ang said...

we have an ice house we brought here from the other farm. I will have a post when we cut the ice from our pond in jan/feb 09. It is an old large cooler from a meat proc. place

Kim said...

I think I could live without the thoughts and outside opinions the most. I'm not saying that I don't need people, but, some can be so cruel. I would love to live this way and even though I can't, my kids do know how to survive if they have to go without. I look at some of their friends and wonder if they could do without if they now longer had the means of what is there for them now. This is a very good thing for a family. Rock On Ang and Fam. IMO

Anonymous said...

After living off the grid for 15 years now, with just renewable energy to power our home, we are slowly whittling down our list of things we could do without.
In truth the more you get rid of the richer you really are...
perhaps you could have rephrased your question to ask, "What can't I live without"
Sunrise through the trees as I go on my morning run as the snow is gently falling?
Watching tomato plants break through the soil in the greenhouse in March?
The joy of our children catching their first fish? Or their first canoe trip off the grid?
Or the look of love on my wife's face as she runs and gets her camera to capture another moment in our lives?

I have a pretty long list of things I can't live without, and every morning I give thanks to our creator for giving us this mission to share all that it means to be living off the grid.

If any of your readers would like to talk or discuss how they can get started living off the grid, you can contact us here
Living Off The Grid

The website is presently under construction (renovating), but the contact form works.

All the best,
Les and Jane

Gill - That British Woman said...

I am not sure what we could live without, a great question though, and will give me food for thought.

Gill in Canada

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there's a lot that can be lived without-even things that we mistakenly think are absolute necessities. :-)
I've been reading the Little House series of books to my little girls and even I have been amazed at the things that they used to make for themselves that we now think must be purchased. I remember reading about "Pa" making a rake-definitely not a skill that is well known now-and thinking how we take for granted being able to jump in the car and run to the store for every little need or want.
Good post!

Anonymous said...

There are so many things I could live without...heck, by other people's standards, my family already lives without many "luxuries". I am kind of cynical in thinking that the people who truly need to examine what they can (and should) live without never do...

Mrs. G said...

Wendy Laswell told me about your family and linked me here, this post is spot on. We live very simply and are almost off grid now, BTW I do laundry for 11 of us on a washboard and with a scrub brush. Our children enjoy our life and wouldn't want any other, it's so nice to see another family doing the same. :)

Mrs. G

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