Thursday, December 4, 2008

my "new" wash machine

Never did I think I could be so delighted!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

I think it's a dandy! How do you dry them, now that we have snow?
I had a friend who dried everything in her basement on clothes lines she had strung.

Homemaker Ang said...

i have been drying everything by the woodstove and it only takes about 2 hours to dry, seriously! the amish still hang all stuff outside... i just witnessed a lady with a lantern taking her clothes down!

cityfarmer said...

I drip dry all the time in my basement...jeans take up to a couple of days...but the electric stays at bay...

nice to hear from you.

Peggy said...

These are wonderful, but be cautious as they will break the zippers on jeans in a heartbeat. When we used one 20 years ago I had a lady who actually repaired my husband's jean zippers...25 cents a pair, but I still loved my wringer washer.

Dawn said...

Ack! It's my mimi's washer!!!!
"Mind your hands around that wringer!"
That is what she would say to me.

What a find!
I dry all my clothes on racks...but I am thinking of putting up one of those retractable lines in my laundry room.
Saves $$!
There are clothes on lines year round in Amish country around here.
Love to see the nappies flying!

Anonymous said...

Nice washer! I'll bet you're really enjoying it-I know if I had been doing laundry the way you have been, I would be pretty darn happy. :-D

BTW-isn't it funny how your viewpoint changes as you get a little older (and perhaps a little wiser?)-when I was 19 and newly married, I never could have imagined the day when an appliance would make me as happy as they do now!

kansasrose said...

I think your machine is fantastic! What you are doing is wonderfu!!! I admire you and your family tremendously. Followed ya here from famrgirl cyns's and I must say I am blown away by your honesty, determination and grit. Your blog is amazing. My husband and I want to be off grid 'someday' are showing us it can be done. Well thought out, educated and effeciently. Hats off to you! I hang the wash on lines outside to dry in warm weather, rack dry them in winter and they do well. We burn wood to keep warm. I'm so excited for you hon! You have my prayers...many are reading and cheering for you! God Bless...Jenny from Kansas

ps my granny had a machine like that in her basement and she hung her wash in the basement in winter. I'd help her as a little kid and thought it was so cool to turn that ringer. She was born in 1896. Lived through the Depression. Canned, sewed, gardened. She rocked!

Homemaker Ang said...

Hi Kansas Rose,

Thanks for your encouraging words and thanks for stopping by!

Happy New Year!

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