Friday, December 5, 2008

a neat thing...

Money seems to be more scarce up in these parts. I have met some amazing people up here! So far they all seem to be more interested in bartering than cash. I find this seems to be a better option than money as you get more for your barter than money would buy.

We traded this Maytag wringer wash machine below so no cash was exchanged.

The goat breeder, a man who looks a lot like St. Nick, came and PICKED UP the goats, brought them to his home, fed them a few days, had them bred and delivered them back home safe all for some bales of hay. He said hay was worth more to him. I was glad not to part with $50-!

I think its neat people still want to deal the old-fashioned way!


Anonymous said...

Oh!!! What a GREAT barter and a wonderful person! I would have loved to have been blessed by his services too! Our goats are getting bred this month and next, and I will be paying that $50 fee -each.
We recently bartered our dryer (which we have never used, it was given to us when we were married and it sat out in the barn) for Febuary's local pure maple syrup!

Watching the Little House CLIP brought tears to my eyes. We love the shows; thank you. Can you guess where we got our little son's name from? We didn't name him after ML, but we did think of it through all the cozy movie nights we had last winter: we obtained ALL of the seasons and watched them one by one each evening we put aside to spend time together. We don't have a tv, so we watched them on our laptops :). He gets called Landman around here a lot for fun. He's a cute and living reminder of the LAND that we are praying for someday!
Miss you, always glad to read your posts!!! You are blessed!


Jenna said...

That barter with the goats was great! We had to pay upwards of $100 for each of ours to be bred:(


Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

That is awesome. My husband loves bartering and is a total natural at it. And I love your new washing machine.

Hot Belly Mama - taking it all back said...

PS: Thank you for your comment on my blog. I needed that. :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool~
We're bartering our free-range chicken eggs for our neighbors organic fruits and veggies. A very nice arrangement for everybody.
We often barter goods or services and it always works out much better than if actual money had changed hands.

Renata said...

Bartering seems to be a way of life out here in the country. Our neighbours harvested our crop & we keep a flock of sheep of theirs on our place for a few months & give them use of the 3 silo's we aren't using (we would have anyway!)

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