Tuesday, December 30, 2008

An open book…

I am not much for New Year's Resolutions… I try all year to stay afloat and on top of things so they do not become something that will eventually weigh me down as a burden. But yes, sometimes these little buggers can creep up on us can't they? Like collecting… Something that started out to be a fun hobby but suddenly you look around and realize you have collected 1 to many and now that collection GROSSES you out! UGH…

One thing I always do for the New Year is de-clutter my home (once again, the last of numerous times in that calendar year) after Christmas so I can start the New Year fresh. I love clean slates! I feel like I have a new lease on life when I have a clutter free and organized place. I actually can think more clearly when I have things in order, even if that order only looks orderly to me J.

One book that I discovered early on in my homemaking career is "The Messies Manual" by Sandra Felton. She has a great story. She was an extremely messy person. I wouldn't compare her messy self as bad as mine, but I do remember in the 90's thinking I sure hope someone doesn't just drop by unannounced! She has a great system to keep your house orderly. I may not follow each and every step she recommends but I do feel I have a good handle on keeping up and if someone stops by it is ok and it doesn't look like a cyclone came through.

She has a method called Mt. Vernonizing that I have spoken of before. You take 3 boxes: throw away, give away and put away. You start by the front door of your castle and don't leave that room until each item goes into a category. Don't start another room until this first one is complete. Then you move to the next room, etc. and don't leave that one until the same steps are accomplished! You really get a good grip on your home and I try to actually do this almost every 3 months, max because you keep down on the clutter. The house is then easier to clean (like mopping, sweeping etc.) because the clutter is gone. It is very freeing…. (PS. That give away box needs to be gone in 24 hours or you will be stuck with all of it J)

Part of our new life of living off-grid is much easier when I am on top of the organization part of my home too. For example, if I am always looking for matches to light a lamp or something, that would become tiresome, etc. This new simple life is simple if I adapt and keep orderly principles, but I cannot be going through clutter and try to live simply, then life will be too burdensome to me, etc.

So, that is what I plan to start today. The Christmas tree is down (December 27) and I am looking forward to Mt. Vernonizing today. This is actually a spiritual thing for me too…. I really pray a lot while I am doing this, so basically I have a great week of prayer as I clean and talk to the Lord during this time…

I highly recommend the book. I like her first one best and I have not read any of her other ones. The first one is from her heart when she just discovered her system and I think you will glean some good things from it also if you are looking to improve in this area.

God Bless you!

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cityfarmer said...

I am decluttering as we speak....three years worth of magazines....and stuff....almost a sin...no a sin

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