Friday, December 5, 2008

reason #6

The Gentle Giant got me thinking today when he said,

"Living off-grid to most people usually means still using all modern conveniences but not paying for electricity or power. I would consider us more to be living simple, rather than off-grid because we are not trying to duplicate the life we lived while having all modern conveniences... We are actually trying to cut back on lots of things and live simpler..."


Anonymous said...

That's a really lovely way to look at things-you are striving to live more simply-not more cheaply. What a great guy your Gentle Giant is. :-)
I definitely think there are some out there who get the two ideas confused.

Anonymous said...

i'd love to hear more along these lines. dh and i are searching for a life that somehow eludes us and we don't know what it is exactly we want. (we have 7 children also) maybe thinking along these lines will clear some cobwebs. thanks.

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