Wednesday, December 24, 2008

some new "appliances"...

This new Leacock lamp is so bright and we hang it over the dining room table. We did not get the shade yet. This was a gift to the Gentle Giant from the Kitty cats!I got a few early Christmas gifts from the kitty cats too. A wonderful sock dryer! This puppy holds 44 pairs of socks all at once! Place it over the wood stove on a ceiling hook and socks are dry in about 60 minutes! and, the ultimate drying rack! It stands about 5'10" and I can get a ton of clothes on it! I just place it by the wood stove and the clothes are dry in about 2 hours. Not bad! I can also use it outside this summer. I have 2 nice drying racks now and a place to hang all clothes inside and laundry is getting easier each time!

if you are interested check out the "our off grid appliances" tag to see what we are using so far in our off-grid lifestyle.

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Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Where did you purchase the sock drying rack?

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