Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thank you for your wonderful encouragement!

I must say with the very few attacks I have received, they are always way outnumbered by wonderful encouragers that take a short moment to drop a line such as this wonderful note!

Dear Ang

Just wanted to say congratulations on being brave enough to 'go off grid.' It's hard when others don't understand your choices. I just wanted you to know there are others who applaud you and hope to follow in your footsteps.

God is good!! My prayer for the new year and new ways of doing this thing we call life!!
Do you not know?..... Have you not heard?..... The LORD is the everlasting God,..... the Creator of the ends of the earth...... He will not grow tired or weary,..... and his understanding no one can fathom.He gives strength to the weary..... and increases the power of the weak.Even youths grow tired and weary,..... and young men stumble and fall;but those who hope in the LORD..... will renew their strength...... They will soar on wings like eagles;..... they will run and not grow weary,..... they will walk and not be faint..............................Isaiah 40:28-31
C. B.

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Anonymous said...

I was sorry to read that you've received some negative comments. One thing that I've never been able to understand about the human race is why people think that others must be doing the exact same thing they are. Why can we not be happy to live our own lives and be happy for others as they live theirs? We are all unique creations of the Most High. I pray that you don't receive anymore negative comments. :-)

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