Sunday, January 25, 2009

The 2009 Ice house complete!

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Two of the toughest ice men you will ever meet!

Our 8'x8' ice house (an old meat cooler/locker) holds approximately 190 14"x14" 75 cubes!


silversewer said...

My goodness, thats a lot of ice in there!!!

Kim said...

That should keep your icebox cold this summer!

Your son looks so proud at all the work they accomplished.


Sherry in MI said...

It has been so much fun reading your posts from the past few days. You ARE keeping all these backed up on an external drive or something for a future book, right??? It would be a hit!

Laura Spilde said...

I would love to know how the ice stays cold in the summer without melting. sometimes summer can get so hot! Check out my blog as I am searching for more ways to live off the grid ;)

Jenni said...

Very cool to see a non-Amish use this method. Around here, some of them have a refrigerator in the middle of the ice house, and pack the ice all around it.

It is a method I've looked at using when we go off-grid someday.

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