Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Encouraging words

We woke again today to -15 wind-chill with the temperature gauge reading 0 degrees outside. This has been a hard winter, one of the coldest on record here in quite some time. It is common around 3:30 am the Gentle Giant usually gets up and reloads the woodstoves so when we wake up it is not to cold. Well this morning we all slept through the night and it was cold when I first started stirring. It makes it much harder to get up when it is so cold J.

Last week during our first dinner after ice cutting with the Amish, a kind Amish woman stated to the Gentle Giant and I, "If you two can make it through this hard winter, you can make it through anything"…


gail said...

Isn't it strange? Here on the other side of the world we are having extreme heat and oh how I would love a cold day. Sydney had a 41 degree celsious day last Saturday. That is well over your 100 degrees. It seems the weather is going a little crazy this year. You will survive the winter because you and your family are strong and obviously where you are supposed to be. Thankyou again for sharing a little of your life with us in blogland. I really am enjoying it.

Blessings Gail

Out Back said...

Here where I live in Australia it is 44C (111.2) today. I have just been outside watering my sad vegetable garden and laying water for the pet animals and wildlife.

Now I have seated myself at the computer to visit with you for a cool down. I shall catch up on the rest of your blog today as it is too hot for anything else.

Once in a while there is someone in the world with an very inspiring blog and yours is one of those.

We have installed solar panels for electricity and hot water. Not fully off the grid though, although we would like to in the future. We collect rain water in tanks for our own use and our garden.

Where we live we are on severe water restrictions as our main river supply of water is drying up and dying. At the moment we are only allowed to water either 3 hours on one day or 1.5 hours over two days a week. Unfortunately with the current heat wave things are going to die very quickly. They are talking about making the restrictions even harder soon. That's what we get for living in the dryest State in the dryest continent in the world.

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful life.

(outback Australia)

Anonymous said...

I feel for you!! I cannot imagine trying to get out of bed in that type of cold weather. I used to live in the midwest but it's been too many years now and my blood is thin. I had always thought I could go back north - but the bottom line is that I would get nothing done in the winter because all I'd want to do is sit in a comfy chair and snuggle under a thick comforter! :-)
I may complain about the heat where I live but it's nothing compared to the cold you're dealing with!

Michelle said...

Hello Angie darling!

We have complete faith that you guys will 'make it', we totally see how as you say 'the Lord is driving this thing'! He is girlfriend, and you guys are doing awesome. We love watching what He is doing in your lives, thanks for sharing. Say Hi! to all the children for us, Gentle Giant too!

Love ya


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