Thursday, January 15, 2009

It is zero here and below zero...

Yes, I have a picture to prove it! I took a photo of the temperature gauge last night and maybe I will post it...


But that wouldn't bring me back to the palace, NOPE!



Pink Slippers said...

I could not imagine. You must get very bundled to make a trip. Do you use bed pans for night time? You must, I would think. You stay brave Spring will be here soon and you did make the move right before winter.
You guys can do it and will feel so proud.

Dawn said...

I remember outhouses.
When I was growing up, my friends in the country did not have indoor plumbing. So c-c-c-c-c-cold was that run to the outhouse in winter!
An even quicker run back to warm by the fire before getting back into bed.

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

The children were just saying last night they wondered if this is what an outhouse trip in the dead of winter felt like...
our heat pump went out 3 days ago. Of course it's the first real spell of actual frigid cold here in Mississippi :o( I finally had to call DH home from his job in Arkansas to put that wood heater into use here. We were hoping to do it next week when he could more readily get home...but the cold didn't want to wait :o)

We barely maintained 42 inside last night...makes for a pretty chilly 'how do you do' in the bathroom :o)

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