Sunday, January 18, 2009

No visiting today…

We went to sleep last evening after hot baths knowing the gasoline engine to the windmill was broken… But, no worries, we knew we could come up with parts in the morning. BUT, lo and behold, that was not the case. The Gentle Giant found he would have to travel an hour to return the engine (on a Sunday and until this AM we did not even know if they were open today ) or further if not in stock. Short story, at about 3:15 today we finally had the water working with the new engine… The G Man missed churchy and I missed Cyn. Thankfully it works, sadly no guests for Sunday Supper…. Farm Girl Cyn… Sorry… No good pictures either now! But I am making her cake she mentions for my Wednesday frolic with the Amish, as well as a few more desserts… Check out her good cake!

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