Saturday, January 3, 2009

Some 2009 plans and goals here on the farm…


Take delivery of my new pioneer princess wood cook stove with a hot water jacket and shelf! As early as 1-7-09!!! YIPPEE

Continue plans to have an indoor toilet (green and compost style), continue plans for indoor bathroom to include hot water from water jacket and thermal suction from wood cook stove

Need to find source for wood to insulate and finish back washroom to make more Tasha Tudor like + warmer…

Rough sketch new garden plan

Put shelves in workshop

Pick up manure from farmer down the road to spread on garden

Pick up a few huge loads of slab wood for our new cook stove… only $5- a pick up load in amishville

By the end of January have wash machine hooked up better so that it does not creep around the wash room while it does laundry and try to follow me…


1st week Feb. finalize new garden plan and order seeds

Cut ice for the icehouse

Organize a spot for a greenhouse to start seeds end of April

Pick up manure from farmer down the road to spread on garden

Butcher and pressure can chickens that are not cooperating with laying eggs


Build green house (actually and possibly remove a carriage house and/or convert it to a greenhouse)

Pick up manure from farmer down the road to spread on garden


Till up garden putting manure deep down in soil

Redo current composting pit area

Pick up manure from farmer down the road to spread on garden

Build pergola for middle of the garden for beauty and a resting spot


Both goats due for babies 5-7-09! Farmeress Angie should have had our baby by now too (and if for some reason she has not, she will go into hiding somewhere)!

All seeds in ground on Memorial Day weekend

Plant Lilacs in front of front porch and chop down snarly trees by front porch

More to come… these are just the few things in my head J plus the laptop is running low on batteries….


Hot Belly Mama said...

I laughed at some of them. Especially the one about the washing machine following you around and butchering the chickens that are not laying enough eggs. They better get cracking then!

Have a happy and beautiful new year and I am so glad I have found your blog. I cannot wait to read more!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I am having "greenhouse envy"...know what I mean? I would love to be able to start some tomato seeds, but where? The coop is empty, since we gave away all the chickens, but it is far too cold in there, and would likely be too pricey to heat.
Any ideas?

Abbi said...

Sounds like some fun projects! :-) It sounds like quite a bit of work too. I hope all goes well.

cityfarmer said...

I can view my gardens from the kitchen window ... I am already dreaming of leaf lettuce..Our yard is so small, but we can and will grow lettuce again.
Our crop last summer was bumper.

Your list inspired.
Happy New Year

Mama Bear said...

I just had to tell you I've been reading your blog for a little while now and LOVE what you guys are doing - I'll never be able to convince my husband (Papa Bear) to do something like this.

No PS3? No 'normal' shower? HAHAHOHO he say.


Good for you guys!!!!!

~g~ said...

I really admire all of the work that you do to truly live off the grid. You are teaching your kids great values, following your heart & dreams, AND doing the environment a huge favor! I hope you post photos of the baby goats when they come!

I do wonder do you power your laptop to keep up with the daily blogs? ;)

kansasrose said...

I have a little greenhouse that has to be heated with propane. We have to find another heat source...I'll be interested to see how your greenhouse plans progress. :) I so want to fire it up and plant greens during the winter! I noted your reference to the term farmeress! You are the only blogger other than myself that has used this term!! :) My blog is called prairie farmeress. Did ya know Abigail Adams was called a farmeress lovingly by her hub John? She's kinda been my muse. Her writings of running her Virginia farm alone are amazing!

Swylv said...

my grandparents always plant potatoes on "good friday" say it's always produced lots of potatoes.

Anonymous said...

That's a great list of plans-I can't wait to hear about what you're able to accomplish.

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