Saturday, January 3, 2009

some more of our off grid appliances...

I have a few questions as of late how I can daily blog and check email etc. I have quite a high-tech hubby! He has a computer business (a family affair) that is 28 years in the running.

I have wireless Internet (as long as my laptop batteries are charged, a post for another day how we do that). Here is the little jiggy above. We can actually be online anywhere with this little puppy! Pretty awesome. It is slow at uploading photos to blogger though. That is one reason I don't post a lot of pics here. I need to save a big upload when I go to the library or a wireless cafe'.
If you are interested in more of our "off-grid appliances", click on the tag under this post below that says "our off-grid appliances". I will be adding more about our lighting too.


~g~ said...

LOL. Thanks for posting this!

Just yesterday my husband and I were having a discussion about our inefficient dryer, so I sent him a link to the clothes dryer on your blog. THAT one would save us some energy for sure!

Anonymous said...

That's really neat. I guess I assumed that your dh took your posts with him to work to upload there-I had no idea what he did for a living, but that was my assumption anyway. :-) I did wonder though-when you were all snowed in-how you were able to post then but I wasn't curious enough to ask-maybe I should be more curious~ :-D

~ Carrie ~ said...

Hi Angie! I just found your blog last and I am starting at the beginning.....I love your old homestead as well! :-) YOur blog in ownderful! Thank you! I'd love to comew visit! I lovvvve the AMISH! We are so wanting to go off grid but in the information gather right now. Our house is quite small and electricity is a problem....way to high and we dont know why. Anyway, I homeschool and work from home so I need my internet. I have a desktop pc and was wondering if I could use that wireless gadget for both my dektop and my old very slow laptop? also, where can I get one?

In His Grip,
Carrie in Iowa

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