Tuesday, January 13, 2009

cut wash room walls, click to enlarge and see notes!


shawkl said...
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shawkl said...

Regarding you photo posting. Check to see if you have a "add additional photos button". Click this BEFORE actually loading photos...it should let you load up to five photos.

If so, put in the last photo you want to show at the top (weird, but they load in reverse order)

Hope this helps. Love your blog...I stumbled on to it this morning.

I have a stitching challenge on mine...if you'd like something "artsy" for home schooling or just pleasure...check it out at www.shawkl.com

Farmgirl Cyn said...

And just HOW will these logs become walls? Are you adding on to the farmhouse?
And YES, it is BITTER cold now!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

PS...You don't even look pregnant! What's up with that?????

Mrs. Peterson's Place said...

How are you turned them into washroom walls?
This cold weather is the coldes yet Ang. Your pics are encouraging for me. Last winter the coldest for me was 7, tonight's prediction...0. Yikes!!

Oh, I tagged you on my blog. My sister tagged me on her new blog.

Keep warm.
God's peace,

xploramons said...

Good luck in your adventure! YOu're really brave!

Pink Slippers said...

How exciting. How can you ever go back to technology after living it such a real way.

Kim said...

Cool stove. Do you think anyone would notice if we put one of those in our little 900 sq ft ranch in the city? We have a brand new furnace and my gas bill was still over 200.00. Did I mention 900sq ft?? This is not good.:(

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