Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a teaser...

If you like what you see here so far you just gotta know that: I am leaving a lot out of what is going on!

I am drafting a book as I have mentioned before. It could be completed by January 2010 for our first complete year living off-grid. I will share more of our personal struggles and triumphs, as well as some wonderful pictures not shown here.

I may self-publish or I am hoping a publisher will contact us... (A girl can dream, can't she?)

Regardless of how it is published, I know you will enjoy it. I have some great recipes to include as well from cooking on top of a wood stove (not a cook stove) and more.

Stay tuned!


Gregory said...

oh, i will be the first to buy a copy!!!

Kathy said...

I have only recently found your blog - yesterday in fact. I am totally blown away that your family is "brave" enough to undertake the simple lifestyle. I have often thought that the Amish lifestyle would be so much easier than the English, in many ways. Probably harder physically, but so much more satisfying than than living out in the world. I almost envy you the experience. I will follow you eagerly and would definitely be on the list to purchase your book. What a wonderful way to bring up your children. Their lives, and yours, will be so much richer.

Amity said...

Yay!! I can not wait to read your book when you finish it...how wonderful :-)

Janet said...

Hello I just found your through Rhonda-Jean's Down-to-Earth blog and wanted to say hello from Alberta, Canada!

I look forward to hearing more about your book - you are doing something I find find fascinating and I am more than a little envious. I have always been impressed by what I have read about the Amish and their commitment to their lifestyle and values.

Looking forward to reading more about your life-adventure.


gail said...

I ill purchase your book when you have it ready. How exciting.

Blessings Gail

Anonymous said...

It's been ages since I've been able to sit and enjoy your posts. I'm so happy to know about your book and can hardly wait for you to complete it!

CKO said...

Thanks for clarifying "off-grid". I love the idea off-grid life. Just the quiet you get from no electrical humming is delightful!

Just speculating here, but I imagine those who ask how to live off grid in a city-type area, are really trying to figure out how to live more simply.

To those folks I offer these ideas: get rid of all electrical appliances except stove. Think blenders, curlers, alarm clocks, vacuums, etc. Since you live in a city you can use the computer at a library or workplace. Use a composting toilet (yes, it's possible, even in the city). Start a garden. Raise some chickens.

Just starting with those should be plenty challenging for the urban homesteader. If you find the lifestyle suits you, then you can adopt other simple living habits.

What do you think, Ang?

CKO said...

I forgot to mention something. If you want to live more simply and have a hard time giving up some of the conveniences, have a look at the video by Annie Leonard at storyofstuff.com. It's a wonderful show-and-tell about how the fun and convenience stuff we acquire has long-term consequences.

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