Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reason #7

"There is, among men, a universal longing to go back to the earth from whence they came. Man will never forget his native place in Paradise lost, nor will he ever cease to yearn for a life of perfect contentment. The hope that occupies every heart is the secret dream of a Shangri-La discovered where there is an escape from the pressures of this present society.

Each of us, in this insane world in which we live, knows something of the restlessness and the dissatisfaction that create a relentless obsession to escape the treadmill of existence this society. Each of us, in this insane world in which we live, knows something of the restlessness and the dissatisfaction that create a relentless obsession to escape the treadmill of existence this society has forced upon us-an existence that has crushed us with pressures and demands that far exceed our resources; a life that often shatters our peace and leaves us like trapped animals, pacing the cage of our circumstances, plotting how to break the iron bands of involvement. We have all know the frustrations of our self-imposed timetables and commitments that cause us to feel like wheat in the grist mill of an evil system; a system that crushes our hopes, dreams, desires and blows away, like the chaff, the highest aspirations of our souls.

As has been said before: "I write with no higher hopes than motivate the rooster at daybreak – I do not expect to be appreciated or even tolerated, but I hope to awaken some to a new day". And so, to those who are homesick and do not realize that the "home" for which they are longing is NOT A GEOGRAPHICAL location, but a way of life, I sincerely dedicate this small effort. Especially do I dedicate this book to those whose homesickness will never be cured on this earth. May we all know the truth and by the knowledge of that truth to be set FREE."

You can read the other 6 reasons here. I also CHALLENGE you to download for free and read beginning to end this wonderful little book, Henry and The Great Society. I just got my mitts on this a few weeks back! It could change your life.


Pink Slippers said...

That is how I think about my love for flowers, trees and the garden.
A place God created in the beginning. of course I would be so in love with it. God to loves the beuty of it.

tiffibug said...

This is just beautiful.

gail said...

Oh Angela,

This is just how I feel. Thankyou. I will print this out and show it to the ones who do not understand that this life in this city is slowly strangling me. One day, soon I hope, I will be back where I belong, away from all this noise and commercialism that is cheating us all into thinking it is the only way.

Blessings Gail

Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

Absolutely great novel, isn't it? I have a link for it online free and after reading it there, I had to get the book to share with others and read again!
If I weren't living a rural, simple life now, I'd be running for the closest bit of country life I could find! We loved that book -- such a true portrayal of our lives today in society.


Stoelly said...

I read a great article about true joy - not happiness. Happiness comes from the root hap which means chance. It's life going the way you want it to go and the feeling you experience when it does. It is circumstantial. Unfortunately, there are so many other moments in life that happen.

And then there is is true joy. True joy is something deep that celebrates God's character despite the circumstances. It is connected to hope, love, and to a perspective that sees beyond today and can see the future outcome because we know that God is in control - no matter what. True joy reveals to us what we believe about the Father. It is true confidence in God no matter what happens. It is giving up my control over my life to God. It is a true adventure.

My point, all your yearning to escape the rat race may just be your soul's deep yearning for true joy?

Homemaker Ang said...


The paragraphs did not mention happiness whatsoever... or true joy for that matter... But on this subject (your subject) I have found both of those long ago, before moving here. True joy is contentment in Christ Jesus. True joy is living directly in the will of God!

I would hope that you would not think I am "searching or running" from something?

The paragraph said verbatim that (and I quote) ' "home" for which they are longing is NOT A GEOGRAPHICAL location, but a way of life".

Where you live does not make it home, but your way of life and if you are peace with each and every part of it makes it "home"...

I do feel a passion and dream has been fulfilled for our family to live off the land and in all of nature's beauty each day by moving here.

I am in no way saying (because of the book) I am searching for more or looking for true joy or happiness for I found that years ago.

I suggest you read the book beginning to end to fully understand what I am trying to say before "judging the book" without reading it.

This post was simply to whet everyone's appetite for an interesting read. I find all of us in some form or fashion are buying into "Henry's Great Society", myself included.

I will always be moving away from the rat race... Always, second by second, breath by breath... That is much different than running or searching for true joy as you were asking.

Life is much to short to be caught up in what really is not important...

I refuse to get on the train just because everyone else is doing it...

You only get 1 life to live and I am choosing each second deliberately fulfilled with the Lord's leading... That is true joy...

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

We need to talk, if you get a moment in the next couple weeks give me a call.
This quote was so awesome.

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Thank you so much for posting that and the link to the book! I read it this evening (and then ordered the paperback from amazon).

gail said...

Hello again Angela,

Reading the book and loving it. So good. Thank you also for reminding us all that true joy is living directly in the will of God.

Blessings Gail

Bama Grits said...

Thanks for the great quote and reference to such a great book! I plan on it being an "outloud" read for our next "Pioneer Week". Love your blog! Wish I was close enough to visit!:o)

Hot Belly Mama said...

I just left a comment, did it go through? It said "error." Let me know!

Hot Belly Mama said...

Nope it didn't. You don't have blogger approval on.

Okay, here goes... lol. You asked about using only cold water with a dishwashing machine. I do know that tap water doesn't get hot enough to sanitize dishes if you are washing them by hand. However, most dishwasher have a built in heating element that does in fact get the water hot enough. My only concern is that most "detergents" are not sanitizing and I would be sure to use something that not only cleans but can rinse off in cold water. I would also be adding a 1/4 cup of vinegar to every load (natural sanitizer).

I'll have to research that one! But I guess if no one has ever gotten sick - it must be working!

slaterlife said...

I have to read this book. Reading this post, is like reading so many thoughts that have filled my head for years. My husband and I are working our way towards this. I've done so much research on the Amish and we desire to homestead once we can buy our own property. I'm so happy I found your blog! I can't wait to read more. Thank you!

Sarah Sanders said...

I've finished reading Henry and the Great Society - it is a wonderful, life-changing book! I enjoyed it so much that I'm reading it yet again. Passing it (the link for the free download) on to all my friends who I know have this deep, ingrained desire to live the kind of life He wants us to live, wholly dependent on Him, set apart from the World and relying totally on our Maker. Ang, you insire so many. Thank you.
When can we expect your book? :o)
In Him,

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