Thursday, April 2, 2009

and life comes to a screeching HALT!

Hello all,
things are slowing down rapidly here it seems. I went to the hospital yesterday and ended up being admitted and spending the night on the OB floor of the hospital due to the severe flu. I came home this afternoon. I had a fever and dehyhdration and baby's heart beat was showing signs of distress. I am home now on bed rest (ha, I have always loved that word especially when you have 5 children) I feel quite lousy yet and we will see what happens. Personally I would just as soon go back to the hospital so I can make sure baby is ok...

We had a barage of company since Saturday evening and I over did it big time this week. Wednesday eve (the night before the hospital) our company left after 11 pm... When they arrived I was already quite ill and our baby had a high fever as well. I feel like a limp dish rag today still even after being pumped with IVS of sorts.

Please keep us in your prayers. Only about 3-5 weeks to go yet... It seems like a very long time feeling so yucky but I am so blessed to have this little squirming body inside of me. It seems like a very large body... I cannot wait to meet this babe! I want to keep this baby in here for at least 2 more weeks so it is fully cooked! I am only having number 6... I cannot imagine women who have given birth to 10+ babies! WOW!

All plans are officially off until the babe makes its debut here. No Easter, no nothin! Just R and R for a healthy babe. I have never had a problem saying NO... The gentle giant on the other hand is so gentle that he sometimes gets ahead of himself. He would do anything for anyone at anytime. He is a saint! He does not say no as much...

I am SO glad we finished our school year the end of March! Yeah! The children worked very hard to accomplish this. I am very happy about it due to the circumstances now. I feel the nesting urges but do not have any energy to back them up.

I am NOT writing this post to ask for help. If I have any more visitors at this time I think I will, well I don't know what but I just need some time and peace and quiet alone. That goes for after babe is born too. I am not one of those gals that likes hospital visitors. Please don't take it personal but I find it stressful for people to want to bring up all their children and hold a newborn baby or bring them over 2 days after you get home so the children can see you? and all that when mom just delivered a baby and is exhausted. I am just not that way. Honestly I like a few months under my belt to get adjusted and all. DO know I love you all though!

My dear dear mamma came and got all of my laundry and will bring it back tomorrow. AND a wonderful mamma meal!This is the best gift ever for me right now! I love you mom! THANKS!

I am still around but for all I know maybe I will post more from my beside or something... Time will tell.


Casey said...

Prayers are with you. Feel better soon. You will be missed. But take care of yourself first.

Mama Hen said...

Aren't mommas wonderful? I would have been in trouble in my four pregnancies without mine?

You are right to put everything else off. Soon you will get to hold your sweet baby.

cityfarmer said...

greetings from the burbs....the farmgirlcyn visiting the cityfarmer...
we will be diligent in prayer for all of your needs.

love and hugs...please keep us posted.

Cindy and Joy

Stone Bridge Farm said...

Good luck! We will be praying for you and your family!!!!

lady m's lavender cottage said...

I will pray that you will rest. It is very important that at this time you take it easy and just be still...


Lady M

Janet McKinney said...

God be with you Ang at this time. I know you will be thrilled to meet your little one when it is time - and and resting before the big time sounds a good idea.

Love your blog.
Janet McKinney - Canberra Australia

Laura Jane said...

Best wishes to you and your brood, and the little 3/4 cooked chickie.

I hope you can rest and recover, and grow your babe some more safely.

And I am very pleased to see you make an advance appeal for P & Q post-baby. Not enough women do that.

If I could post you a casserole for 7 from Australia I would!

Rest up



Abbi said...

I hope you get to feeling much better and the rest of your pregnancy goes well!

It is interesting how different everybody is. I always loved visitors in the hospital and at home afterwards. I know many people stayed away because they didn't want to bother me (thinking I was like you) when in reality I was lonely and wanted company. With my 4th baby I finally was able to have a home birth and I loved it so much. I was able to do what I wanted when I wanted and just a couple hours after she was born all my family was able to come see her and we could sit in our living room and visit. I guess it just goes to show that it is good to be open with what you like (as you did) and when it comes to somebody else it is good to ask first, not assume that just if you like something that everybody else does too.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Dear Ang,
Just to let you know I will be praying for you. I made it to 38 weeks with my twins and I think I did overdo it...was doing my Christmas shopping when my waters broke in town!
At least I was near the hospital. Enjoy your rest and don't be afraid to send the visitors away.... I did this after my first baby was born because I couldn't get any rest and was overwhelmed. With Baby no2 I felt good and hoped for a few visitors but it was the church ladies camp and no one came to see me! It either rains or it pours! talking of which, be glad you are not in my part of Aus. We have just had major floods and were isolated for 3 days, my husband couldn't get home from town; our neigbours were evacuated by boat in the middle of the night and the wife is pregnant, I was praying for any ladies who might be about to give birth too, so I'm sure God included you in my list!

Tea with Willow said...

So sorry to hear you've had such a tough time - I hope you feel better with rest, so that you'll have all the energy you need when babe arrives.

Love and (((hugs))) to you and your lovely family.

Willow xxx

Ellen said...

Take good care of yourself and the little one, I'll keep you all in my prayers!

blessings, Ellen

kugoi said...

I just started reading your blog as we start our journey into going off grid. I am so sorry you're down. Having 4 young children myself I can only imagine what it would be like to be on bedrest with 5! I'll be praying for you!

Pink Slippers said...

You get better!

Kelle said...

Lifting you and your dear family up in prayer, as well as adding your request to our daily prayer journal.

Take care and {{{{HUGS}}}} What a wonderful blessing this babe will be for your family. We ( follow) your blog, so will watch for updates. I totally agree with the time needed for mama to recover, the family to welcome in their blessed addition before you have time to blog again.

Rest easy and take comfort in all the prayers. God is Good!

Blessings from,
The Never Done Farm

Joannah said...

You will be in my prayers. Just take it easy and feel better.


Gracie said...

Awww...sorry you are feeling so yuck. You do what you need to do and don't worry about anyone or anything else (ya right- easier said than done right?!).
We will pray...
Lots of love,

TheMartianChick said...

Take good care of yourself and the little one will be here in no time at all! Kudos to you for making your wishes known. I was tired and not at all up to visitors after giving birth, but I didn't know how to say it to the family, so I endured all of those well-wishers.

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Sending prayers and hugs! I do hope you get to feeling better soon. Try to enjoy your rest. :)

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh you poor thing...Just so follow that inner urge and say no...Make the Gentle giant too to say no.
And try and enjoy what time remains.
I laughed at how you said oh I am only having 6,That is alot !
My Sister has 7 and her hubby is one of 18 and whilst I "only" have three which I would expand I do not see myself with 7!
I would be rocking in a corner>>lol!

I too found the whole visitor thing a Nightmare.
It was always the most inconvienent times and I am sure it lead to the demise of feeding my first...I was so stressed.
I needed to be like you and just say No!
By Number three everyone got the message and it was bliss.

Keep cookin' that babe...get better soon.

I will end this novel!

suezoos1 said...

Prayers for you and your little one. Just concentrate on resting and let others do for will have enough to do later.

jen said...

Keeping you in my prayers!! I was the same way when my little ones arrived. NO VISITORS PLEASE!!

Take care!!


Lisa said...

I found your blog a week or so ago and have enjoyed reading it. We are working toward self-sufficiency in many areas and it is challenge.
I admire what ya'll are doing so much.
Take care of yourself and that sweet baby.

Lisa Q

mamapease said...

Hoping the bun in the oven arrives happy and healthy (and fully cooked!). Kyndale

Anonymous said...

keeping you in my prayers...stay quiet and let your kids and family do for you. Such a sweet mama you have! New Babies are such sweet blessing! Can't wait to see pictures!...debbie

Cheryl said...

You will be in my prayers. I'm glad you're saying no to all the extra goings on.

gail said...

Take really good care of yourself and your little one Ang. Put your feet up and let everyone look after you and I think you are wise not to have visitors. Your Mum is all you need as far as visitors go at the moment. Put a note on the door and don't let anyone answer the doorbell. I'll be thinking of you and covering you in prayer. Will watch your blog for news of the new little baby.

Blessings Gail.

Danielle said...

So sorry to hear you are sick. Yucko! I can totally relate to you not wanting visitors at the hospital and at home with new baby. I'm the same way! But we get people coming from time to time anyway. I just pray they don't stay long and they don't get us sick. Hugs.

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Just put your cankles up and take a break - if you are half as sick as we were in this house 3 weeks ago then my heart is breaking for you! I have never experienced anything like it - let alone ready to give birth.
I CAN NOT wait to hear all about your little one. Just can't wait.
Miss you.

The Squirrel Family said...

Take care and rest up, the world will be here when you get back, do what you need for you and yours take care of you and all your little ones


Sherry in MI said...

Within a couple days of being home with my second (my boys were 13.5 months apart) I remember friends pulling in the driveway without notice to visit and I burst out crying and ran to my room. HA! You are wise to put your health first at this time!


Anonymous said...

Well, thank goodness you were prepared for anything! I pray that the remainder of your pregnancy is uneventful! Blessings,

~ Carrie ~ said...

Take it easy! Prayers are with you and your family!

Carrie in Iowa

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