Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I won’t fib about having the “off-grid” flu

I have always been honest with what thoughts I have put on this blog. I have not posted everything obviously about my life, thoughts and more but I assure you I have been honest what I post on here. With that being said during this sickness I will say I MISS MY HOT BATHTUB with continuous hot running water J. This flu has given me the aches, pain and chills beyond belief and I would love to run a hot tub to crawl into at any time of the day or night. Going to the outhouse these days has not been a cup of tea either, especially when it is SNOWING here (LIKE NOW!). I stand up and my head goes "BOOM, BOOM" as I wobble out to the hinzley!

The house if full of restless bodies crying out in fever stuppored dreams that do not make sense. Thank fully the Gentle Giant has stayed fairly healthy as well as 1 of my great helper daughters… Bed rest has been ok. Most of the time a snuggly little 17 month old is cuddled up by mamma but if anyone else approaches the bed he points to them and screams like "GET OUT"!

So much has been going on at the farm here and I feel I have not told you some of the most important parts of all of it! Each day has been a challenge as well as a huge adventure. When mamma gets her groove back I can fill you in with some awesome photos but for now you will just have to read I guess. Lots of changes going on here.

Yesterday we took delivery of 150 Golden Comet peeps, as well as 24 arucana peeps (des beplind). SO all together we have a total of 193 Golden Comets (43 are laying everyday!) and 24 arucanas (they lay the most beautiful green egg ever!) SO that is 217 chickens, 2 goats (der gayz), 4 horses (fear gaul) (2 on the way yet), 1 hundli (puppy dog) 1 turkey, a few cats and 2 pet chickens (lucky stars) The 26 heifers (des coo) are very healthy. G man has been a true horseman and driving the Belgians everywhere with the forecart. It really did pay for us to get a 16 year old team even though pricey. They are training us actually. They are the best trained and behaved horses ever. When told to drink they leave you untied, take a drink and return back to you, 1 at a time. They back up with a trailer, they step over things and will not move unless told to do so. You can leave them unhitched while taking your dinner and they just stand there! This has really helped me get over my fear of horses because I trust these two. Someone posted they could not have horses or cows do to the fear of large animals… My little secret…. I AM VERY SCARED of horses but figure I just better get over it. If I had to have a bat in my hair or ride a horse, I do not know what one I would choose…

We have been really cleaning up around here outside. The place is really sprucing up. I cannot wait until I am back to 100%... But for now I sit here and think of great ideas (that is scary in itself!)

I am excited to put in another "pretty garden" and we will have a huge large garden as well (3-5 acres)… At the old place this would have really stressed me out, but now the Gentle Giant will be here to do the big garden as he is making some changes as well on the homefront.

We look forward to the various flea and farm markets we are going to participate in around here. We have big plans for the farm like farm tours, picnics, sleigh rides, someday we want to fix the cottage so people can come and stay on their very off-grid mini vacation… Lots to do, tons to dream about and plenty of time for it all to transpire. For now I am making my little nest for this sweetheart as peaceful as life will allow at this moment J


Jenna said...

Awww! I'm praying for you and your littles while you've all got the flu...not fun! I know, because I'm in a family of 10:)

God Bless you - especially in this busy season~

In Christ Alone,

Shell said...

Oh, I do hope you do feel better soon. May God give you strength. It's hard being pregnany with many children. I know, I have six and we just got over a severe form of strep throat.

I just love your blog and am using it to "teach" my children. We live 10 min north of the Ohio Amish. We have just read some fiction books of Amish lives. Interesting. Some things I never knew. I'll have to ask our friends who were Amish about it.

Please tell us what your are doing with all the chickens. Are you selling the eggs. And to who? Roadside or organization. And what about your milk and heifers?

I'd love if you could find time to include these in your blog. Thanks for sharing what you do.

May you get well quickly. Especially for the coming of this sweet babe. We'll be looking to see what you have. We're silly and are excited for you; even though we don't really know you all. Your blog is so fascinating and so interesting at the same time.

Shell and family

Tara said...

oh, again you inspire me!!!We will be praying for you and your sick brood. I think you should open your cottage for people to pay for like those work vacations you read about. What a valuable and unforgettable vacation that would be for children and adult alike. I would sign up first!! Or maybe you just meant a place for your family to visit you all... :) I enjoy your blog immensely, we are reading Farmer Boy with the children right now and it's great for them to know there are people who still do those things!! thanks

Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. Like the others, I love your posts and look forward to new ones. I have learned so much from you and your family. I am sorry you don't have a nice hot bath with continuous hot water - am sure it would have made you feel better...but think of all the other nifty things you have!! Perhaps that will make up for that! lol...debbie

Joannah said...

Dear friend, I will pray for you and your babies to get well soon. I don't know how you do it off-the-grid in times like that. You are something else!

Your farm sounds wonderful. I would love to see all your animals - even any bats that might take up residence.


Lisa said...

Continue to rest and do not over do as we momma's tend to do. I understand what you mean about a warm bath, we are making changes also, but I do not know if I could do without continuous hot water!
May God continue to bless and heal.

Lisa Q

Renata said...

Hope you're all feeling better soon. I have a question - is the added words pennsylvanian dutch?

I love the way you are planning - even from bedrest - you are a true Prov 31 woman! God bless you!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I am so pleased to hear that your husband has been spared the flu. I have only ever had one case of really bad flu (about 8 years ago) and it brought down my whole family except for my crawling baby! I couldn't move off the couch but somehow managed to summon enough strength to change nappies. My poor husband (walking like a robot!) had to go and milk the cows(360 of them) and rescue calves from the flood waters.... everything happened at once.... oh you are so blessed to have such wonderful supportive parents, my mother in law would not come near as she was scared she would catch the flu. No one from church could help either because most of the church contracted the flu too .. we all picked it up at our pastor's house! But the Lord brought us through and since that time has blessed us with good health. He is faithful and will bring you through! When we do our big family world trip (one of my dreams!) maybe your venture will be up and running and we can come and visit ... a sleigh ride sounds wonderful. My younger children have never seen snow!


Hang in there kiddo. Your family is making a great team. I am proud of all of you.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for you and yours to feel better soon.
God Bless You

Stephanie said...

It is never fun to be sick. I bet even more so when there are kids and a farm to take care of.

Just out of curiosity, should 'fear' be spelled 'vier'? Not trying to pick or anything, just wondering if the difference in spelling is just another difference due to dialect or change in the language over time.

lady m's lavender cottage said...

When you follow God's leading the going does get rougher, but you are not alone during the journey.

Stop fretting! The time that you have now to rest and make plans is very precious :)

Accept it, enjoy it. Always know that your family is around you...surrounding you with love and support.

Lots of dreams you and your husband have and they will be done in due time.

God bless,

Lady M

Kelly said...

I absolutely adore reading your blog! I think: what energy!! I do hope you will be better soon and the snow will stop. I can't imagine having to suit up to go outside to the loo!!

This is such a nosey, nosey question: please forgive...but I will ask. How do you make money? There I asked. I would love to have my hunny home, builing canoes (that's our dream). and I understand, no debt...but the everyday cost of living sometimes. Please share one day...thanks so much for already sharing what you do!!
Kelly in rural Indiana: soon to be Ohio!

Naturalearthfarm said...

We have been living off grid for two years now and I do understand the feeling of wondering if it would just be easier..... yes it is hard work. But then I think about all the negatives and know that we are doing the right thing. I pray you are all well soon and all of your plans sound very exciting. We are also planting here and gearing up for our farmstand and farmers market.
I look forward to reading through your blog.

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