Friday, May 8, 2009

Farm updates

Momma is slowly getting her groove back! Watch out farm J! I have plans for a kitchen "victory garden" of sorts with a pergola with wisteria and more. The Gentle Giant plants the huge garden. This year I think it is 3 acres? YIKES! The Gentle Giant just planted 1400 strawberry plants… YES, you did read that right! And 20 Honey Crisp apple trees to add to the small apple orchard. Next summer you know where to come for your strawberries! DON'T Forget. He put in irrigation to the garden as well. I am seeing lots of Spring flowers emerge here and look forward to moving them around and making some perennial gardens. But I am starting with the small kitchen garden first. That could be all I can get to this year. I don't want to miss a thing with my sweet little newborn, NOT ONE.

I have had great nursing success this time. It went awesome with the first 3 children, not so great with the next 2 and this time it is like WOWzers! Between goats milk, cow milk and breast milk, things are overflowing here! Maybe too much TMI… OH well! I attribute the success to being firm about no company right now. I look back and think I had way too much going on at first with having a new baby. I was so appreciative of the wonderful friends and meals, but it was daily and I really think this could have contributed to some stress for me. And I attribute it to a less stress life living here on the farm. Looking back, I don't know why we did not make these life changes sooner… But I believe God knew we were not ready yet. Anyways… Thanks everyone for honoring the 4 week rule for no visitorsJ. I also have been "taking care" by staying in bed almost a full week. It was been wonderful holding and nursing the babe. We did have company last evening, the first since babe's arrival. The community brought tons of food, homemade ice cream and more to celebrate baby girlies birth. It was short and sweet. We all sang songs and prayed together holding hands in a circle before their departure… all of us from 1 week old to 60+ something. We are blessed to have a wonderful supportive group here.

A lot of you have asked about baby girl's name. I have to be honest that I do not post our children's names on this blog for privacy sake. I have so appreciated your wonderfully kind comments welcoming our baby girl into the world. Thank you so much! We have read every one of them.

We are getting another new horse today. Nellie is her name. She is a safe and sound driver… We will see J I have many fears to conquer regarding horses. MANY… Please pray I can get some courage up for "Barney". I will post pictures soon. My camera battery is dead right now so it could be a short while.

We are still making some new adjustments here with living off grid. One of you asked how is it different now having a newborn baby off grid? I will answer by saying that the first night home here was interesting as I bundled up baby next to me in bed I was always used to a night light in our other bedroom. I forgot about that with baby preparations this time. I used a flashlight under my pillow the first night. That has been the only real difference I can think of at this point. We do have more laundry now. I am using cloth diapers occasionally, but not full time (yet?). I can only do so much wash in a wringer wash machine for 8 of us. I know my limits at age 38 J (ok, not every limit but I think I am getting smarter. Gray haired mother's do have some advantages). At age 22 I would have tried cloth full time… Now, not so much J But, I still am considering more cloth, time will tell.


Sherry in MI said...

Sounds like things are going great. So glad to hear it! Any chance you would consider a once a week drop-off closer to GR for any of your farm goods? I'm sure there are many that wouldn't mind buying from you, but not at the distance you are now. Kind of like a co-op drop spot. Something to think about for next year, seeing as you are just getting your feet wet with everything this summer. Enjoy the beautiful weather! It was so nice to be reading history to the kids on the back patio by 9 am this morning!


Susan said...

Might I make a suggestion on the night light that won't use electricity.
A solar light that you see around the walkway. I charge them in the sun during the day and use them in my bathrooms at night. (we have small children) Here's a link so you can see what they look like.
We almost have our home paid for and are making the decision to break from the grid. We're doing it for 2 reasons, Simplicity, and to get back to living on one salary. (Oh, the package of 8 lights was 20.00)
I'm enjoying your blog.

Lisa said...

Sounds like you are doing wonderful. I understand the no visitor rule completely. I did that with each of mine and it lowered the stress level tremendously. Good for you to think of yourself and baby!

Lisa Q

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

So lovely to hear you are enjoying those early blissful days of babyhood. It is actually one of my favourite times. I so miss feeding!
Now I was very tempted to count the number of eggs in your header picture but gave up at 99. Is that one days worth or several? We are going to dramatically increase our number of chooks next spring with a view to supplying friends. How many strawberry plants?!! In NZ we lived in a strawberry growing region. Cannot get ours to grow very big here so we are planting a lot more bananas which grow wonderfully.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Happy Mother's Day! Hope you have a wonderful pampered weekend! ...debbie

My Own Terms said...

Glad to hear you are getting your "groove" back lol. I remember those days of new baby...although I only had 2 other kiddos when my last was born.

Don't forget to use the olders to help you out, but I am sure they are taking good care of you.

Mama JJ said...

Good for you for staying in bed for a week! My husband and I lived in Nicaragua for three years and the rule there was that you have to stay in bed for the first FORTY days after giving birth. They were a bit extreme (no bathing, very restricted---and unhealthy---diet, etc), but I do think they are on to something because a natural shift in the baby's development, ease in breastfeeding, and mother's healing all takes place at about that point.

Our first child was born there---of course I didn't heed a single one of the rules because I thought they were all foolish...

Oh yeah, and we washed all our cloth diapers by hand that first year. I now firmly believe that washing machines are among the greatest inventions!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Oh yeah! I KNOW all 'bout your better know I'd have been there otherwise! A pot of homemade chicken soup and some rolls....sound familiar?
I am believing you are having a most blessed Mother's Day! Missing you usual.

Naturalearthfarm said...

We had our sixth living off grid for the first time just 15 months ago. I also wash our clothes by hand. We used cloth for the first 15 months, but I am finding that just recently with the warmer weather comes many more changes of dirty clothes along with the farming/gardening. Therefore, I have decided the cloth diapers must stop for now so I can keep up with the clothes.
We also keep a flashlight by our bed and when I used to have to change his diaper at night, I would just reach for the flashlight.
Enjoy this precious time.
Warm wishes,

Shell said...

It was so wonderful to log on and find you had posted. I'm glad to hear your healing well and even more glad that the nursing is going well. I have nursed all six of mine and understand the milk issues.

A tip for the nighttime light need. Have your husband go to like, a Walmart/Kmart store and go to the camping department. They have all sizes of lights there. From large florescent ones, to little tiny desktop lights that run on batteries.

I also look forward to seeing pictures of your gardens. Big and small, I bet their great. Thanks for sharing. I love to read what's new on your blog and love that you share what you've learned. In fact, we bought 5 chicks for our little yard. We made another large garden to grow vegtables. We already have strawberry patches. One is June bearing and one is ever-bearning. We planted a peach tree last year and a bing cherry tree also.

Please, if your able, keep blogging and sharing. You're such an inspiration to me. Enjoy your wonderful farm.


Irma said...

Delurking just so I can thank you for sharing your journey so far, I look forward to reading about whatever the Lord brings you next!

Snowbound Farms said...

Oh that sounds wonderfull!!! we're just getting started on our farm out in Northern maine and we have three children... I hope to have many more with God's Blessing. There's nothing more wonderful to me than seeing my boys running through our fields and having my baby girl on my see we were city folks before. We hope to build off the grid on our farm in the near future and I always like reading about people who've already made that dream a reality. God Bless.

Sherry in MI said...

Adorable new picture on your main page! You couldn't have planned that one if you tried. At least I assume it was a naturally occurring event??? Very neat!

Hope your family is adjusting well with the new addition. Thinking of you!


Irma said...

It has been three weeks since you last post...I keep having to remind myself that you HAVE a newborn, and DON'T HAVE electricity. You will be back when you have the opportunity, I know....but you should equally know how much your readers look forward to your posts. Come back when you can.

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