Monday, September 14, 2009

its haying time... 3rd cutting

Just when farming seems a lot of work and not fun anymore, haying time begins and changes that! You get your 2nd and 3rd wind and you remember why it is you are doing this! It is such a community feeling... Everyone is in the same boat... You all put important things aside... Everything just stops for haying and just hop on the wagon in whatever you will and you eat late at night with a group of laughing friends. And for a while, a very short while, everything seems like it will be alright... ps. the new header above is the Gentle Giant feeding our hay team!


Renata said...

Yes - harvest is like that for us! Such excitement! Unfortunately we haven't had enough rain for our hay to grow enough this year.
Great picture!

Debi said...

We love your farm.
I would love to come for a visit.
I was wondering why type of Hay you have?
Hope that you will continue to blog. I am working on saving the money for your newsletter & book.

Valerie said...

I absolutely love your blog. The last post was so good. I think the rest of us are like little mouses on that wheel. We are trying to make that money so we can live and you have decided to get off that wheel and work hard and live. I love it and look forward to reading lots more.

Mrs. Trixi said...

It sounds like so much fun. We just finished our last haying for the summer. However, we don't live in a community like yours. Everyone does there own haying around here.

Kelle said...

You're blessed to get a third cutting, here we're blessed with two good cuttings( short season).

Harvest time always gets a bit overwhelming, but you know what all I need to do is go take a look at our beautiful canned goods in the pantry area, downstairs, and I'm rearing to get more canned, PTL!

Love your farm and you all have adapted well to your new way of life. We live very simply too but don't have the support of others who feel the same way, we're the odd family in our area.

You have the survey and while I agree with you that money shouldn't be #1, it is a needed tool in this world. Maybe in your area farms, animals, feed are more reasonable but here in MT a team of draft horses would cost you $4,000 and then you'd have the expense of harnesses and forget finding horse drawn equipment and oh yes, you need to feed them through the long cold winter( up to a bale a day per horse, we have friends who own large draft teams, we own one Fjord, light draft horse) You do NEED capital of some sort to get you started and then a way to make $$ from your farm and still support yourself and your animals. You're blessed to be in an area where your simple way of life is more the norm., that is NOT the case everywhere, sadly.

wendy said...

Glad to hear all is going well.

Homemaker Ang said...

kelle, you are correct, it is not the norm nor is it here as well. We have long winters and yes the belgians do (did) cost that here too. The picture shows 4 horses, we all give up our teams to help the others and in return they give us their use of the baler, etc.

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Hey Ang, wish I could have come today. Still not doing well physically, but spiritually, great! Count it all joy. . .I'm not just saying that;-)

I'm sitting on the deck watching the sun go down, so peaceful and quiet and beautiful. Yes, the children are gone, hence the quiet.

Loving you pictures.

Grace and peace,


Eight Isn't Enough said...

What a beautiful picture. I love the smell of fresh cut hay!

Martie said...

Love your updates. So glad to see how life is going for you all. I love the blog. It is neat to see pics of the husband and kids - neat to see the transformation as you have started this new chapter in your life. Curious... would be ever be able to see a picture of you??

Jenna said...

what a blessing that you have fields too cut:) We don't have enough land to hay for our goats/cows/horses so we have to buy gets so incredibly expensive and eats away at profit.

Thanks for sharing pictures!!

In Christ,

granny said...

I always enjoy your blog,and the beautiful photos you share.Thankyou :0)

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that the photo is
"Breathtaking!" Actually, all of them are!


P.S. You're an inspiration to me so keep up the Faith!

April said...

Praise God you got 3 cuttings. We only got 2. We could have gotten 3, however it would not stop raining long enough--we just got the second one in. However one year we got our third one in early November as it was mild, so we may get 3 cuttings yet.

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