Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Laying Cuckoo Maran's for sale

$7- for a laying hen! These birds have been raised fully free range. We will make a better deal on 10 or more. These are a beautiful heirloom chickens. Roosters available as well to make a beautiful pair at $5- a piece. Limited roosters available.


Stone Bridge Farm said...

Boy! I wish I was closer to you!!!!

Are you still doing the newsletter??? Could you post the info on it and the book again?

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Ang...I MIGHT be interested in 2-3 of 'em. Farmboy "took care of" 2 of the 3 roosters. We kept one, but are not sure if he will be sticking around...know what I mean? That means I only have 7 possible layers. And they won't start laying till end of Sept./early Oct. (what color are their eggs, and how big are they?...and do you think they would do ok with the buff orpingtons we have now???) I am thinking of driving up for the cheese class ext week. Let me know if there are still openings.

Love ya,

Homemaker Ang said...

ok, yes, cheese openings available cyn! they (chick girls) will do fine with friends but might be thrown off a few days to the move to new friends. Newsletter
$24- a year (10) issues 2902 N. Amble Rd Coral Mi 49322 $10- book

from our front porch... said...

I am so very happy to see you posting again! I did not think we would hear from you again except for through the newsletter.
Did something change with your plans so you are still able to use a computer?
The farm looks so beautiful! What wondeful things are happening there!We are getting ready for winter and all that entails for living on a large farm. Hubby has been putting up wood like crazy.We just finished our third cutting of hay. It has been a summer full of God's blessings!! I finally finished all my canning. I canned milk for the first time following your instructions!
Many blessings, Misha

wendy said...

HI from your Quaker Friends!
This is so cool that we now can use this media with you guys...Looking forward to many things. God Bless!
P.S. Emi says an extra HI!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh - If only I were closer - clearly you're just about ready for winter with all the commenting and blogging going on!!!!
I would KILL for those apples and the cheese making - well that is on my list of skills to acquire someday. If I could make my own goat cheese...ah.....
That little girl is looking so sweet - wish we could see you. That's a good idea - a big bash - the three families - you would love them.
Miss you much.

cityfarmer said...

my heart just skipped a beat when I saw your name ...
maybe we can catch up ... coming to see Cyn for 4 days in mid Sept.

I'm sure you know, I'm gonna be gramm-a again in January.


Mrs. Peterson's Place said...

Hi Ang~ So, I've been wondering. Doing everything yourself (or should I say GG, you and the kids) you must be very busy from sun up to past dark. Would you consider posting a general "a day at the farm" schedule. I'm interested. Chris says I have no idea what I'd be getting into if we got a small place. So, yestereday as I worked for almost 2 hrs in the garden and STILL had laundry and cooking to do my thoughts came to you...'how does she do it all?' I wonder what a day on the farm looks like in duties and cooking. Just thought I'd ask.


PS Any hints how to get my tomatos to turn red. I've got 3 bushes and TONS of green tomatos!!

Kaboom said...

I just wanted to agree with you on pursuing your dreaming-when they are from the Lord.
"No one should fear to undertake any task in the name of our Savior, if it is just and if the intention is purely for His holy service..."
Christopher Columbus
He will give us strength and will provide for everything we need for adjusting to circumstances around us.

Marci said...

I would love some. Where do you live? I am in Ohio.

picaboblu said...

Wishing you were closer to NC! I've been looking for Morans for several months without success.

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