Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer 2009 on the farm. We are truly blessed!

Johnny's Broccoli did AWESOME THIS YEAR! This is just one of MANY bushel baskets of brocolli! the humble farm
The back pond

after milking, lets "steal away" for a short minute near the windmill...

Here are the ground cherries already to be husked. They are sweet as sugar! I can never seem to plant enought Zinnias... A cheap thrill for sure!

a view of the back small pond on the property

heifers... Two just freshened yesterday

The back pond
The farm looking south Johnny Seed's Christmas Basil in all it's glory!
look closely through the window below
The work of my dear friend Alice and her family and my Quaker friends below
the heifers and the Maple Cottage and chicken coop in the background
out our front porch we see a beautiful field
putting up straw
all our own! Look at the Ground Cherries!


Erika said...

I love the pictures! Zinnia's are my favorite as well. I can't get enough of them. I have some lovely big red ones in the garden and some very unusual ones in big tubs by the clothesline. The butterflys are all over them.

Erika in Mississippi.

Love your newsletter.

Deanna said...

What a wonderful walk around the farm! Thank you for sharing.
I have to go through thearchives and find your mailing address and get on that newsletter!I keep forgetting and I sure miss the visits!

Blessings to you all!

Keeper of our Home said...

I recently fund your blog and love every minute of it. Thank you for allowing us into your family life.

~Mrs. M

Captain's Wife - Jennifer said...

Gorgeous pictures!!! I so hear you about the Zinnias...they are my favorite and I am already scheming about new places to plant more next year! :)

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures...i alway enjoy your post!!

LindaMay....can't wait for Fall!!!

Anonymous said...

You have such a beautiful farm. The buildings are all so nicely kept and I LOVE your house. I couldn't get over the bushel basket of Broccoli! So pretty and I like the boots too! Oh! shoot! I just love everything and am so glad your farm has been so productive and even more glad you have decided to post again!! I really missed you!! ...debbie

Peggy said...

What a wonderful piece of heaven you have!! Thank you for sharing as I know you are one busy lady

Amy said...

I love the view off your porch! It looks so serene and peaceful!

Anonymous said...

The farm is looking gorgeous! The "ground cherries" you speak of we call chinese gooseberries lol.

Molly said...

I love the pictures of the farm. I also like zinnia's, one of my grandsons think I always have to have a row in my garden! Your farm is so pretty and peaceful looking.

Renata said...

What beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing them. I especially love the pond picture - it looks so serene there!

Abbi said...

The pictures were pretty fun. Zinnias are so fun and pretty! I am still waiting for mine to bloom. The last 2 years they haven't done to well after an abundant year when I "fell in love" with them.

Sherry in MI said...

Thanks for posting the new pictures! It reminds me of my Grandpa's farm in Iowa. Although he has passed away, my uncle lives on the property so we still get to visit there.

Sarahs Home said...

What lovely pictures.

Sarah x

All Natural Mama said...

Looks great!
I think I'll have to grow ground cherries next year.

Anonymous said...

OK, I'm crying, Angie! To put me on a pedestal, Oh, my!

Thank you for continuing this site. It keeps me near to a simple and wonderful lifestyle. Could you add some recipes or just some other items like your original eclectic farm postings?

192 quarts of food! However can you determine when you have enough variety or when you need to add more? It sounds like a lot but add in a large family, 365 days in a year and suddenly it might not be enough. I've never been able to figure out how much to live totally off my garden. Sounds like a good blog topic to me.

Enough for today--Thanks, Angie for keeping this up-to-date


Farmgirl Cyn said...

It's been ages since we've talked! Can you call? Write? LOTS going on...know what I mean???

Mrs. Peterson's Place said...

Hi Ang! I'm so glad you are continuing to blog. Each year I'm gardening more and am interested in how to figure out how much to plant and what do I do with it at harvest time. Right now everything is going in my freezer in the basement, but I want to learn to "put them up" as a friend in Georgia says. Can you post a "class"? Pictures and step by step instructions help me more than anything else.

I too enjoy the view from your porch. An early morning, a cup of tea, and the Bible with a journal and that could be a meetin' place for Jesus :-)

Miss you! We have been blogging on and off for years and I hope to keep in contact. You are the one who helped me get through my first winter (remember the video of the car off the road and GG helping!) I think of that everytime it snows or we have an ice storm.

Hugs to you Ang~ God bless you and GG on your journey.


Tara said...

What you all have accomplished in one year is truely inspirational! Makes me want to go Accomplish some things today!

A Big Bowl Of Cherries said...

You really do have a beautiful farm! I don't know if you would remeber, but I'm friends w/ Cindy (farmgirlcyn) and met you once at the church about a year ago before you moved. Anyway, I've enjoyed your blog for a while now and It's great to read one of your posts again!

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

What beautiful pictures!!! It makes my heart go pitter patter to see each of those beautiful pics! I love farm life and even all the work that goes into being a farm girl. Thanks for taking us around! :)

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