Friday, October 2, 2009

it is October and things are still ramped up here on the farm

Here are some final shots of the last weeks of September... I so enjoyed a great visit from blogger pals and great friends Savvy City Farmer and Farm Girl Cyn, my tried and true friend!

One of my most favorite things that I would never have imagined that would be my favorite as to living on a farm is THE HORSES! I love taking hay rides, forecart rides and buggy rides... It is especially great on your own turf... I am glad I conquered this fear, although I do have GREAT respect for horses! Our belgian's each are over 2,000 lbs.

Here are a few inside farm home shots as well. We are getting things cleared away and cleaned up more and more here. October 15ish is our 1 year Anniversary of moving to our off-grid 40 acre farm! So far it has been a wonderful life changing experience. We just really have enjoyed it more than we thought. My favorite part is night time when all the oil lamps are glowing!

Barney doesn't seem to mind the chickens and the pumpkins here.

here is a view of the front farm porch. There is always a new kitty-cat running here or there on the farm as well.
Canning is still going on. Check out the right side bar to see where we are at with all of that. I think I have done so much and then when I chat with my Amish girlfriends and I fail in comparison to them. I have no idea how they get everything done that they do... Some have up to 18 children! (Ok, they don't have the internet and telephone to bog them down, that could be some of it, ahem!) I moved some of our goods from our kind neighbors freezer and now am thawing them to can them up. It is nice to get a large assortment saved together and do all at once. I learned this neat technique once again from Mother Earth News when they had an article about canning salsa. Thanks to the children's youth hunt we have 2 deer canned up! A nice little buck and a good size doe all in jars!
We have so enjoyed Grand Rapid's First Art Prize Competition. If you live near here, you owe it to yourselves and your children to check it out. We saw the 100,000 paper airplanes in flight and it was NEAT! I have been a fan of this great family for some time and they were at the event (still are) but I was not able to get close enough to say hello. They have an open invitation to visit the farm anytime! (hint hint)
I have so many things going on in this brain of mine that I need to get out on paper and I will tell you the book is coming along :) excitedly so. I feel as though I (we) need an "agent" or whatever to lead us in the right direction on all of these opportunities... Oh yes, I have one of those! He is just a prayer away and He thinks we are awesome and He loves us like his children and I never even had to ask Him too. We have been spending lots of time on our knees talking to Him and HE is ever so faithful to us folk!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

i do believe your farm, and more importantly, you and your family, were the highlight of september for me!
can't wait to re-connect again...maybe over supper?

Peggy said...

Ang, I will call you. Just been busy caring for grandchildren that have had or have the H1N1 flu. Daughters work so I am blessed to be near to help out. I love living the farm life thru your posts!

Anne Marie said...

Hi......I have met Joy and her loving nature :) and Ang and I have become quick friends as well....she has talked of you, but I haven't ever gotten over here - until now- and have been enamoured by your lifestyle for the past 30 minutes or so - looking at all your photos, reading some posts, etc....and how you give glory to the Lord with your blessed family through the land, well, I have to say; I'm envious......We have 5 children, live on a farm, and would LOVE to live on a place like what you have, but the Lord put me here, and after hating 'blogs' before, I have come now to realize the true meaning of the word "net" -
like fishers of men really.....

super nice to have come here - and will def. be back once and awhile to say hello.......
p.s. we are on localharvest too:
na-da farm is our organic CSA.

Amy said...

....loving the new picture header. It makes me smile.

Eight Isn't Enough said...

Just stopping by to say all the photos but the one of the porch and little kittie was an AAAHHHH moment.

Now for you and those horses, way to go and conquer your fear is still very real when it comes to horses. We have a special needs daughter who is obsessed with horses (you should see her bedroom)....but my fear limits the time we spend around them. I am so afraid that dd will be injured or worse...YIKES!!!! Of course, not to mention the cost of riding lessons. She really wants a horse of her own but because she has ZERO fear, that too can be, maybe some day I will conquer my fear like you LOL.

Have a blessed weekend!

Catherine Anne said...

I love keeping up with you! Its a dream of ours to go off the grid all together! So happy for you!

Sherry in MI said...

We went to ArtPrize the first day it opened and it was fantastic. Three hours on our feet and the kids never complained. We hope to go back downtown this week if the weather would clear up, as we only saw half of the exhibits.

Kaira said...

Wow - I had NO idea you were located here in the Grand Rapids area! Wow... so cool. Where is your farm?

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