Saturday, October 31, 2009

more blessings! gratitude and thanksgiving!

Here it is! A sneak peak of the Maple Cottage getting her new roof by new friends WHO volunteered to donate time! God bless you! I cannot get enough of my 2-year old son these days! He is actually a very sweet 2 year old! Look at these adorable "cow boots" of his! I WANT to just eat him up!
Here is another wonderful blessing of a friend "K"... Coming to bless us with work on the farm. The little barn in the background goes to the Maple Cottage.

a wonderful farm visit from Uncle Wayne and Aunt Barb! FUN! Here is A. Barb and the Gentle Giant and I...
Gratitude for meeting a wonderful new blogger friend and kindred spirit! She drove over 2 1/2 hours to meet us with her beautiful daughter and pick up some chickens! she is an inspiration to me with her story. God bless you "K"... beautiful fall days on the farm
part of the herd
a day picking apples!
My little apple orchard boy!
I just do not have the time today to post to much but just to update, we have had so many blessings here on the farm this week! From a wonderful load of free wood delivered out of "nowhere" (no surprise to God, He knew we needed wood but our wonderful friends did not) from our friends from our old church that have been wonderful support to us throughout out changes this year! It is great to have friends through thick and thin! Thanks for your blessings Paige and Shane, thank you for your faithful friendship, thanks for the barn to the wood and more. Tell sweet Larry and Jane we also send our love! You were a vessel being used by the Lord! We needed wood! Our hearts where touched!

To the Gann family! OH MY! Homemade apple sauce, blueberry pie filling, peach jam, cherry jelly, choc. chip banana bread! NEED I say anything MORE? thanks!!!!
Then, to the wonderful "S" family! You know who you are! Coming to do some mission offering work on the Maple Cottage to help get us up and running! What a huge blessing! And then Bill, you too, what a blessing with all the hard work you did here!
To the Doosenbery family, they just dropped off a 1885 working treadle totally redone antique sewing machine! OUT OF THE BLUE! THANK YOU! Thank you GOD for wonderful vessels. Thank you for taking care of our little off-grid family.
Thank you Sherry Miedema (a friend of mine from our old-stopping grounds) and "Faith Keeper Friends" for organizing a field trip and coming up to the farm with a blessing of friends as well! Hope you guys had fun! We had a pleasant time!
Our children our seeing first hand the provision of God for our family. We are not rich by a long shot, but we are being taken care of and that is so comforting! I hope you enjoy the random photos from the week!


Anonymous said...

You for sure have been touched by the Blessings of God and his vessels. There are so many good people in the world - it was nice of you to thank them pubicly. God is good!!...debbie

Sherry in MI said...

What an awesome week for your family! And yes, we had a great time. Thanks for having us!

Renata said...

What a lovely testimony of God's provision - thanks for sharing. Could you please post pictures of that sewing machine - I'd love to see it!
You have such a beautiful place.

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