Tuesday, December 15, 2009

dashing through the snow today... listen to the bells

Dashing through the snow in a TWO horse open sleigh! We hooked up Jim and Bill today to see how they would pull our boblsed. It went very well! Come take a bob sled ride here at Maple Valley Farm and then come inside to warm by the fire with cookies and hot cocoa... 616 566 8481


Anonymous said...

Ohhh...I always wanted to do that!!
Thank you so much..that was fun and even my toes felt cold so it seemed like I was really there ;)

Homemaker Ang said...

it was even more fun when i fell off :)

Mrs. D said...

Oh, Angie, How I would love to come and ride that bobsled and visit at the farm...my heart is so there! Always been drawn to the lifestyle you are living..and we do some of that..but active ministry is what we are about right now! And we deal with health issues for my hubbie..that requires at least the limited electric we have..but we have composting toilet, outhouse (that I still use even in freezing cold weather!) I cook on a cookstove 80% of time..1928 gas/propane stove the rest...but enough! Thanks for the sled ride!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ang! If only I could. I would love nothing better to go on a sled ride with jingle bells!! Looks like Jim and Bob make a good team!! Hurray! Merry Christmas...debbie

Anonymous said...

Like the comment before me Thank You for the opportunity It has always been a life experience I have wanted to try.In fact I had posted that on Mondays "The Simple Womens Daybook" post and after your blog update I linked here on your site.
My heart is there with you now and God willing someday in person

Anonymous said...

OHHHH! This makes me want to come right now! Sniff Sniff! LOL!


Erin said...

Ang, how wonderful! I am so glad I found your blog, I have been reading past posts to catch up and your family is doing wonderful things! Although today's post has made me homesick! We are spending Christmas in snowless VA, we are stationed here with the military, but you have reminded me of the snowy, homey Christmases on the farm in Minnesota, thanks!

Home Sweet Home said...

Oh how my children would love to do something like that. Thank you for giving us a little taste of it anyway...almost felt like I was there LOL.


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