Monday, December 7, 2009

green eggs and ham today

This last few days, even the past week have been precious here on the farm. So many days full of much love and care from dear friends and our Heavenly Father. He always knows when to step in and care for us does He not? I believe He prompts others to reach out and we are thankful for their faith to step out. To the ones who know this is you we are speaking of: “Thank you” does not seem enough… The friendship we have is the richest part about this gift to us you have given. We are touched and humbled by your goodness but your encouragement and faith in our Lord, that we share as well, strengthen us in more ways than you will ever know… Now the distance part, yes, we need to work on this! How exciting to think of what He has planned for us!
Today more blessings have come our way. A dear friend from another community called to deliver one of his best friends for us to use throughout dear Pearl’s recovery (Lord willing we are hoping for the best although it seems worse). Meet Bess, Jim’s interim team mate… A Percheron mare, 8 years old. She is gentle and friendly but not afraid of hard work. We are being cautious of our new friend on the farm but our guts tell us she is safe and sound.
Bess and Jim pulled our little bob sled (a new arrival on the farm) just fine! We will be attaching some benches to the top when time allows. This will be our first choice of transportation fairly quickly to get around the community. It should be fun. To think we can still live a life like this in a day and age like this to me is exhilarating. The neatest part? When you pass another along the road traveling just like you with children in tow like its normal…
We butchered a hog this morn after a breakfast of green eggs (see photo below). I am pretty tough on the farm until it comes to pig guts. Let’s just get it out in the open OK? I uncontrollably get the driest of heaves and it is quite embarrassing as most find it so funny. It is all I can do to keep my stomach down… We sent the piggy on its way to have it smoked in our friends smoke house. Can’t wait to taste it! We had a dinner at noon together, all of the butchers from the smallest to the oldest, with fried “sweet meat” from the pig and the liver… Notice we does not necessarily mean ME ok! UCK! The children learned so much today! They butchered a hog, just to think, what a real and true education for life and more. Their teacher learned a lot as well


April said...

I wish you would go into some more detail on the hog butchering. We are going to attempt to do 2 in a few weeks. We butchered our own steer in Feb. It was...interesting.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Nope. Not envying you one teensy tinsy bit. I think I am gettin' dry heaves just reading about hog guts!!! Thank you very much, but I like my pig all cut up in butcher paper!!!
I think I could do just about anything, but hog butchering is likely out of my league!!!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this post! Am sorry to hear Pearl is still doing poorly and how nice of your friends to lend you Bess, she is quite pretty!! What fun it must be to ride on the sled!! I would love that! My goodness those oare huge hogs...or is that one hog cut in half. - don't blame you on getting queezy - I'm sure I'd be the same way! Yum, smoked pork sound positively wonderful. We love pork.
Looks pretty cold there, what is the young lad doing in shorts pray tell!! He reminds me of my son who still at the age of 33 will wear shorts in

Mary said...

happy days.. I think that is a girl and she is in a dress.

Ang said...

girl in dress wearing dads boots making it look as olive oils legs :)

also, this is a hog cut in half

about 38 degrees, that is warm for us :) for winter

Anonymous said...

Ang, We have a local meat shop and I read the weekly advertisement, recently it advertised Hog Mawls. Now I'm a farmers daughter but I had never heard that term, so I googled and found out pig intestines. Yes, I gagged thinking of it!
You are NOT alone.

Renata said...

Oh I can only imagine how butchering that hog was - yuck! Although in saying that we have about 4 sheep here we want to butcher in the next month or so & I'm wondering how I'll handle all the guts part.
Glad you could Bess on lend while Pearl is recovering - what a blessing!
Your place looks so beautiful there!
Renata :)

Kelle said...

I see you skin your hogs, rather than scald and scrap. We skin, actually once you get the skin started you can pull it off. Are you rendering the fat into lard? I'm down to my last gallon jar of lard, thankfully we're butchering our hogs in January.

Hey, I have some really good loose sausage recipes if you're interested. If you are I'll post them on our blog.

What a blessing to have the loan of Bess. We're still praying for Pearl.

How fun, to ride on a bobsled. My Dh and Ds made our two seat sleigh, but we haven't had enough time to get our Fjord hooked to a training buggy more than a couple of times and then we also haven't had enough snow these past winters. Last year we did get a good amount of snow, but Dh had just changed jobs( now just 6 [12 mile round trip] miles from home vs. 125 mile round trip)) and again no time to work with Mo, our Fjord.

Praying for you all, especially Pearl.

Home Sweet Home said...

Oh how I love the picture at the top of your blog...just beautiful...and I am with you on the whole "guts" thing...I would be heaving as well.

Now the eggs, I have never seen anything like that....but I am assuming they are okay...because I have had a few eggs they wer literally green on the inside because they were bad...but I'm sure it's nothing like that right? Working on being more of a "farm girl" myself...lots of new things to learn...and sounds like you have great help and wonderful friends.

Truly a blessing,


Ang said...

hello, we are not saving renderings, we gave them to our friends as we are butchering on shares, they really did all of the work and we are learning with them. We are smoking most of the meat and i would love the sausage recipes for next time but we are set for this time as we purchased some casings and will do some natural casings. i would rec. the tripod, it seemed to make it a lot easier as the pig was up to our level, etc. the tripod was not ours either, we would like to get one.

Livin' with the North in the South said...

I just found your blog and love it. It really is possible to live without all the modern day stuff. I hope someday to be self reliant also.Hope to learn more from you. God Bless.

Kathy said...

I remember the first time I watched a hog being butchered - same reaction as you! I didn't eat pork for the longest time - still don't much.
I love the snowy pictures you've posted. Reminds me of a Currier and Ives picture. So beautiful. And the additions to the out-building really dress it up nicely. Well done!
I'm hoping to get me some pastel egg layers in the Spring to add to my small flock. My grandbabies will get a real kick out of having naturally colored Easter Eggs.
I hope your children realize what a blessing it is to live in such a way. What I would have given to have had the experience - well all except the cold - I'm a warm weather gal. Blessings.

Teri said...

Just found your blog ... We lived Amish for several months (bought and old Amish farm) ... The not having electric did not bother me at all .... it ws the outhouse I just could not get past. Hope your horse Pearl is okay. Hope to visit again. Oh and btw I couldn't do the pig gut thing either!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

I hope your horse is going to be Ok.

As for hog butchering I have no idea how I would react. I would probably gag like crazy but I think the sounds of the cutting and stuff would gross me out more.

My little Man Cub on the other hand would be all over it. He is reading the Little House series and is ALL ABOUT shooting animals, cutting up meat and eating it. It's all he talks about.

Anonymous said...

Ang! You're so sweet. We love you and the children. Our world now seems more complete, having met more sisters and brothers in Christ...he knows the plans he has for us! Bess is a beautiful animal, and I'm sure she'll try her best to comfort you and even make you a bit happy during these trying times.

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