Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ice days at Maple Valley Farms

Are you interested in watching ice cut the old-fashioned way for our ice house? Horses, saws and a pond? email us at maplevalleyoffgridfarm@gmail.com and let us know so we can contact you to witness this lifetime treasure of an event. This event will happen anytime from about January 6ish - the end of January 2010. We will do our best to contact you as quickly as we know when the event will take place, but this is weather permitting and could be just a day or two notice. We would love to see you. Only $3- a person~! 616 566 8481 check our archives in January 2009 to see last years ice days! Lots of fun! ***absolutely no pictures can be taken at this event and we thank you for respecting our wishes!

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Laura Lynn said...

Love your blog! It is my dream to go off the grid someday.
I grew up on a little farm and loved all the land and outbuildings I had to explore. I bet your kids are having fun. Some of the Amish farms around here have partial electricity. Yours must have been owned by old order Amish, how cool.

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