Thursday, December 10, 2009

it is an official GLIZZARD HERE

play, making candy and studying Mt St. Helens... Oh yes, snowfort play time coming up after a dinner (the noon meal) of beef and candied yams!


Anonymous said...

Love this post!
It was a Glizzard alright!
The howling winds,rain pelting the side of house until it turned to snow! And let's not forget the cold~Bone Chilling Cold.
Love the pictures with your children are all snuggled in enjoying time with each other.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Is that the "ABC" book I see upside down?
Yes, a true glizzard here. I kept the chickens locked up tight all day but I did bring them a hot pan of oatmeal this morning!

Mandie said...

I just love your house! It is so simple and comforting to look at. What a blessing to live in such simplicity. I am truly inspired by your learning experiences. Have a blessed weekend.

Home Sweet Home said...

Great photos....what are you making on the first photo? Looks interesting. You have a beautiful home and so nice to see true simplicity lived out daily.


Renata said...

It looks like a lovely time you are all having! Your baby sure has grown - what a cutie!
Enjoy your precious family & stay warm!
Renata :)

goatmilker said...

Snow how fun it is for the kids to play in. My problem is it is hard to get school done on a day when the first good snow comes everybody wants to go play. Have a great day Rebekah.

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