Saturday, December 5, 2009

off grid laundry? How do you like your off-grid laundry? freeze dried or regular?

today its freeze dried ... a few days ago it was regular ...start the honda engine to agitate the wash on the OUTSIDE of the house first
hot water wash for whites, see kettle in the background heating up more and more (great for evening baths) and I should add a very welcome addition from last winter. No more freezing cold hands!

the old kettle put to great use
start your 3rd fire for the day


Always Autumn in my heart said...

Although I can't say that I have ever done that it looks like a good kind of work. I admire the way you and your family live so much~sticking to what you believe in and living off the grid must have been an adjustment but I can say that I would love the opportunity to try it someday. How amazing you all are!

silversewer said...

Years ago when I was small we had a brick built boiler like yours in the kitchen, the water was heated by a fire underneath, whites went in first, possed up and down with the posser, then the coloureds and then the really mucky clothes. the dirty water was emptied out and then the boiler was re-fill andthe water warmed to rinse the clothes which were then put through a hand wringer and hung out on the line. The water in the boiler was then used to wash the kitchen floor.

If we wanted a bath the boiler was lit and then the hot water carried in buckets up to the bathroom......Granbd mother in first, then mother and little me last!!!

Eventually the boiler was taken out and replaced with a gas boiler.

Myself I prefer regular drying but clothes that have been freeze dried smell different and do in fact dry quicker when you get them inside.

I love to read about your adventures, I do hope your horse is better.

I admire you so much for the way you have taken this step....and the values you continue to instil in your chidlren.

Kelle said...

Although we are not completely off grid, such as yourself, we do use a wringer washer and either freeze dry our clothes or hang them around the wood cook stove on wooden drying racks. We heat 95% our water on the wood cookstove, via three large stock pots.

Praying your horse is on the mend, what did it turn out to be, colic, a bad tooth, or something else?

It's frigid here, now for the next week and Our Baker's Choice, wood cook stove will be working hard to keep our home above 60F.

We enjoy your blog, it helps us to see more ways we can simplify.

Keep warm and have a blessed Sunday.

Renata said...

What a beautiful place you live in - although hanging out clothes with snow around does sound like quite a job - does it end up drying?
Loved your pictures of your washing & so glad you have the hot water - I remember when you were posting about freezing your fingers last year! You're doing such a great job!
Renata :)

Home Sweet Home said...

Just stopping by to say all your wonderful photos. You truly are blessed.


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